My Cat Would Like You To Know…

…That she is the queen of being comfortable.

Sean is a fluffy puddle of loud meows. She has quite the voice on her but she makes up for it with the softest fur of all our cats (we have three) and being really good at making us want to be cats.

I mean, look at her.


If that’s not the comfiest animal in the world, I’m a fish.

(Spoiler: I’m not a fish.)


Sean knows that she’s pretty and uses it to her advantage. On our Sunday movie watching time Sean decided to sit right in front of the screen. How dare we ogle the Guardians of the Galaxy on our new posh TV I won from work when we could be cuddling Her Majesty?

There is no knitting in this post, just cat. Cats have fibre on them! That sort of counts, right?

A Triumphant Return!

At the end of the week I concluded my desperate struggle against lack of cares and finished a project. Yes, a sock came off the needles and – get this, people – I even kitchenered the toe and sewed in the ends. OOH YEAH! Look at this knitter go!

Yep, welcome to the world of crappy badly-lit camera photos taken in the joy of the moment. What the photo lacks in elegance it makes up for in enthusiasm.

These socks were a pleasure to knit. The pattern is Big Four, based on Poirot. Yes, the design was by a friend of mine (Maureen) but that doesn’t mean I’m completely biased. The design was intuitive past the first repeat and I barely looked back at the pattern despite how complicated they look. They are deceptively simple and when you’re not in a lover’s tiff with knitting, they go fast.

I knitted the first of these two socks in less than a week. The second took over a month. That’s the difference in my motivational skills right now.

Still, spring is coming and I have some pretty socks to wear into the breach. Things don’t completely suck.

Slowly Plodding Onward

After a few days of avoiding knitting I sat down at work yesterday and picked up the socks I’m knitting. They are The Big Four by Maureen Foulds and I love the pattern, as does everyone who sees me knitting it. It’s classy. It’s fun to knit too but unfortunately it came at my ‘I don’t feel like knitting’ stage.

I finished the heel flap and even managed to turn it and start the gusset. I got about five rows in and realised that I’d screwed up a row before.

Now, this isn’t a big deal. I just have to tink two rows and I’ll be fine. However, so low is my urge to knit that I put it down in a corner and haven’t gone back to it since.

This is frustrating to me. I knit! I spend all my time knitting! And it’s not as though I’m doing anything else productive. In fact most of my spare time outside of work is spent playing my Nintendo DS that I just remembered I have. I’ve been getting a little writing done but not much.

I think it’s the winter. I think the cold and the dryness and the slippery ground and the freezing winds are sapping all my energy. The other night a snow plough was running back and forth six feet from my window for half an hour after I’d already had trouble getting to sleep because of the headache I’ve had for about two months now. So at that moment I (loudly and petulantly) announced that I am DONE with winter.

It’s true. Winter is lovely, it’s pretty. I am enjoying a true Canadian winter. But I also want to be able to breathe without it hurting and I want to walk to work without getting frost on my eyelashes.


I’m not exaggerating.

I want my energy back. Come on, sunshine. I know you’re out there.

In a Slump: Please Inspire Me?

Knitting is hard.

At least, it’s hard right now. I made the mistake of doing some twisted stitches and awkward tight knitting yesterday and now my old RSI is acting up in my right hand. I’ll be taking it easy today, but that’s not new either.

The last few days – about a week or so – I’ve been suffering from knitting lethargy. Considering how many pairs of socks and such I’ve made in the last couple of months it’s not too surprising but it’s still annoying. I want to knit more. I want to knit ALL THE THINGS.

Alas, I can barely manage a few rows of the gorgeous socks I’m knitting right now, let alone the hat I started to stave off the lethargy.

All it means is that I’ll be reading a book where I would normally be knitting and that’s okay for a while. It seems like all knitters go through stages like this and I’ve certainly experienced it before. I’m just hoping it doesn’t last too long.

So help me! If you’re knitting something lovely right now please link it below so I can go coo over it and hopefully get some knitting mojo back.

Look, I Know I Knit a lot of Socks, Okay?

P1010032If I look back at the last few months I would say it’s been a time of epic sock production. Since November I’ve been knitting pair after pair and even better I’ve been wearing the results.

Last week I finished the rainbow socks which I am wearing as I write this.

Before that I knitted these socks, and started wearing some socks that mean a lot to me that have been languishing in a drawer for a while.

These socks I finished at least a month ago, maybe longer. I don’t know why I haven’t mentioned them here before. I finished them a while ago and I’ve been wearing them a lot since then. they’re comfortable and warm and long, all very good traits in socks.

I can’t remember what yarn this is. I don’t know when I started them. This is either a sign that I’ve hit my head recently (I haven’t this time), or a clue that I am knitting too many socks.

But is there even such a thing?

Lurid Rainbow Handknit Socks

There was a time in my mythical teenage years where my entire wardrobe became rather lurid. I had spent most of my life worrying about what I wore and whether it made me look ‘weird’ or ‘different’, but leaving school and leaving my childhood home made me realise that I was both of those things. More importantly, it was suddenly a good thing.

Instead of being shunned for strange tastes and obsessive tendencies, I found like-minded friends. Some of those people remain in my life today and I thank them for shaping me into a (mostly) reasonable and self-confident person.

My fashion sense went from drab to one simple rule:

  • Wear as much colour as possible, all at once.

These latest socks fit the bill. Teenage me is jumping for joy, purple hair bouncing in the breeze.


The yarn that made these socks was a gift from a friend who actually predates my lurid rainbow phase. She is a wonderful and hilarious person with a huge heart, and has remained one of my best friends in all that time – at least ten years.

We have had a colourful friendship to match these socks; there have been times we have clashed so hard that we haven’t spoken for months at a time, but ultimately our differences work well together. When I left the UK in June 2014 she took me on a surprise trip to see Wicked, which shows you how awesome she is. And this yarn was a Christmas gift from her.

It came in two little 50g cakes, identical as hand-dyed yarn can be. I didn’t get a picture because I cast on right away. Hey, I was excited! The yarn came from indie dyer Truly Hooked, who may also be found on Etsy. It is lovely, just lovely.

Due to my reasonably small feet I was worried that I wouldn’t get to use all of the colours. That would simply not do. The gradients are reasonably long in these socks and I couldn’t bear the thought of not getting to the pink. I considered making them longer, but then Martina suggested knitting them in stripes – knitting from the outside of one cake and the inside of the other.

This was the result and I am thrilled.


Yes, they are bright. Yes, they are lurid. But honestly I have never grown out of that teenage all-the-rainbow phase and I doubt I ever will. My happiest days are when I get to wear my brightly coloured swooshy skirts. These socks will find a good and regular place in my wardrobe and my lovely friend knew that.

I still have just a little left which will be used to make some mini handwarmers for work.


My favourite thing about these socks is the conflicting heels and toes. It’s just adorable. and because of the slow gradients it didn’t leave an obvious change in the stripes once I’d turned the heel.

At one point I considered doing an afterthought heel but really… that’s never going to happen. It’s a sure way for me to never finish a project.


So that’s that. Some wonderful lurid rainbow handknit socks, all kitchenered and ready to go. They’re just as comfortable as they look too.

It’s just a shame it’s so wet and snowy out there or I would take some outside pictures to show off the colours even more.

Consider this post a big thank you to one of the best, most reliable and most interesting people I have known in my life. You know who you are.

Forgotten Projects Part Two

Yesterday I had a day off work for an appointment with a new doctor. I was pretty stressed out afterwards so I put on an episode of American Horror Story and sat down to sort out my yarn, a task I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

We’ve finally resigned ourselves to staying in the current apartment for a while. Don’t get me wrong; we like it. It’s a nice space and it’s in a good location. They don’t mind that we have so many animals. All in all it’s great but the rent is high and it makes it difficult to save for our own place.

This resignation has lead us to cleaning up the spare room which until now has been mostly for storage. We’re going to get a desk in there and a recliner to make it a cosy space for relaxing and writing.

Part of clearing it up involved sorting my yarn and like before, I found projects I had forgotten.


This is my worsted-weight snuggly shawl I started… I don’t even know when. A while before leaving the UK so probably about a year ago. It is a simple knit from the Acadian Shawl pattern on Ravelry, very satisfying to do yet easy to remember and do without thinking about it constantly. A great TV-knit.

This photo was taken a long time before I left the UK. I know that because my shawl is about three rows from being finished. Yeah, that’s right – I abandoned it just before finishing it.


I’m going to figure out where in the diamond pattern I reached and then it should be finished and bound off within half an hour.

Forgetting projects like this is a fun way to distract myself from the fact I have lost all motivation for all of my current projects, but please tell me I’m not the only one who does this!