Thursday Follow pt 4

Follow Thursday is an offering to anyone looking for good knitting and craft-related blogs to peruse. Check out the tag on the post to see previous ones.

First up today we have The Twisted Yarn who has been MIA for a while so I’m pleased to see her posting again. Quite aside from having the most awesome blog banner ever (seriously I love it) she’s super sweet and very talented.

The Weekend Knitter is one of those blogs always filled with such pretty pictures. Scrolling through the posts is always a joy. It makes me want to reach through and pet the pretty things that are posted.

A blog I recently discovered is D’Nali: The Diary. I have a supreme soft spot for people who share not only their crafting prowess but also their real lives and opinions. Especially when they’re witty and entertaining!

Aaaah, guys. There are so many awesome blogs out there I get a little overwhelmed. Why are there so many interesting and talented people out there?

Not that I’m complaining. It would make this post a lot harder if there weren’t.

Wonderful Things

There are many reasons to be happy these days. I am finally living where I was always meant to be with the woman I have loved my entire adult life (and a large chunk of my teens, too). We are surrounded by fantastic animals who brighten up my day with cuddles and long walks. I have access to two brilliant yarn stores even if I can’t really afford yarn right now (which is okay because I still haven’t used my Wollmeise). Marvel is spewing out movies and comics left, right and centre which makes me a happy bunny.

Point is: life is pretty good.

It helps that the internet is so full of interesting things lately. My complete and utter obsession with Welcome To Night Vale has been the highlight of that and I’ll be writing a post on just why you should be listening to it if you’re not already, especially if you’re queer and/or a surreal horror fan like myself.

Art by Elicadragon
Art by Elicadragon

One such wondrous thing I have discovered is that Jasika Nicole, the awesome and adorable lady who played Astrid Farnsworth in the epic series Fringe, not only voices Intern Dana on Welcome to Night Vale but also is an amazing comic artist. It’s heavy on queer representation and is totally sweet in the most glorious way so go read Closetalkers immediately.

Times like these make me wonder what I would be like without the internet being around as it has been. I would never have met my lovely girlfriend so would (presumably) still be living in England. Deeper still, I might not have realised I’m gay for a lot longer. Willow and Tara’s kiss gave me a slight clue but without furious internet searches about homosexuality as a result, where would I be?


Of course I would still be a complete geek but without easy access to other fans of similar things, would I feel like a freak for getting so obsessed over things like podcasts and comics? Not that podcasts would exist!

And knitting. Would I have taken to it so strongly without a community and pattern database like Ravelry to egg me on and push me forward? Without knitting blogs to read? Without youtube to teach me how to do a long-tail cast on?

I know people still managed these things long before the internet came around and I know I would have managed fine anyway. It’s just strange to think how differently I would have found my path if I had grown up in a time where we didn’t have the internet. Especially since I almost missed it, generationally speaking: I still remember the dial-up creaking and blipping!

The world is full of wondrous things and the internet reflects that. I guess today I’m just feeling especially glad to have this community. So thank you, people who read and comment and post their own awesome stuff. You make my path much clearer.

Friday Pattern Collective: GotG-Inspired, part 2

When I was three my aunty presented me with a choice. She put two well-wrapped gifts in front of me: one was thin and a little taller than the other, while one was plump and wider. I chose the taller one and still remember making that decision so my younger sister, then eighteen months, could have the bigger one. This turned out to be my first memory and it’s one I remember vividly.

I mention this because the tall thin gift was a Steiff raccoon who bore a tag on his belly proclaiming his name to be ‘Raggy’. I still have him in the bed right now. He began a lifelong adoration of the maligned creatures.

Rocket may not know what a raccoon is but he steals the show nonetheless. Even seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer made it clear we would all love him. More surprising was Groot, the pure-hearted tree creature who is a surprisingly dazzling dancer. Between them they took our hearts and in return I give them patterns.

As ever I don’t own these patterns and all the photos come from the Ravelry project page for illustration of their loveliness. Go peruse. They’re gorgeous.

Raccoon Scarf Crochet Pattern

by Bees Knees Knitting


The first time Rocky sees someone wearing this he almost fell straight over onto the fugitive he just caught at the pizza place. When he saw the same item later he was flattered and a little disturbed. I mean, who does that? Really big fans of Rocket, that’s who!

Rocky Raccoon

by Sweet N’ Cute Creations


Want your very own Rocket to hug? Yeah, me either; that sounds potentially painful. But maybe we could keep one of him at a safe distance. It’s easier to keep an eye on him that way. The only thing this cute little crocheted raccoon needs is a massive gun and maybe some blood stains.

Magischer Baum

by Regina Satta


Groot cares. He may not have the words to say so but he protects those who are close to him. Honour that protective nature with these socks with beautiful leaves and winding vines. Sure, Groot wouldn’t be able to wear them, but he’d like them anyway.

Tree of Life Mittens

by Janel Laidman


Considering Groot’s role in the film (trying not to be spoilery here…) he definitely deserves the title of Tree of Life. These mittens, aside from representing Groot in a very elegant way, are thoroughly gorgeous.

While typing up this post I got the mental image of Rocket sitting down to knit something using needles created from Groot’s wood. This image will stick with me.

These two characters made the movie for me so I hope you enjoyed some patterns representing them. Stay tuned next week for some Captain Marvel-eque patterns, purely because Carol Danvers is freaking amazing!

I Just Really Love Cotton Okay?

Maybe it’s the summer heat, maybe it’s just how my moods roll. Whatever it is I am one again totally smitten with the very existence of cotton. I bought some more recently whilst having a very enjoyable day out with fellow knitter and friend Ashley who is currently embarking upon her first sock.


In a previous swap I ordered some of this yarn for someone who had a total thing for it and now I understand why. It is glorious. It is thick and crunchy but still soft and the colours are just lovely.

Since I also bought some cheap bamboo straight needles to make small projects a little easier (all my circulars have really long cords), I immediately cast on another dishcloth. What? They’re useful, they’re quick, they’re ultimately satisfying and you can use oodles and oodles of cotton! What more could you want?

The purple cotton will be a Welcome to Night Vale dishcloth for reasons that need not be explained at this juncture. Uh. Did I just accidentally (or not) make a Due South reference when talking about Night Vale? That’s just too much semi-obscure awesome for one sentence. I’m abandoning this paragraph before it self-destructs.

Anyway, discloths are go.


And other projects but we don’t talk about that when they’re for a secret swap. It’s all hush hush. Just like the dog park.

Don’t look at the dog park.

Friday Pattern Collective: GotG-Inspired, part 1

Who’s been to see Guardians of the Galaxy yet?

If you have been already, I won’t be surprised if you loved it. The oddball choice confused me when they announced it and yes, it annoyed me a tad when they still haven’t made any prominent female-centric Marvel movies in this run. However, Captain America 2 was basically the Black Widow, Falcon, and Fury Movie With That Steve Guy A Bit so that placated me somewhat.

Then we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy and were treated to a couple hours of hilarity, sadness, beautiful graphics and hilariously inappropriate music.

There aren’t many patterns out for the franchise on Ravelry as it’s so new. Instead I’m going to put together a collective of patterns representing each of the characters and the movie as a whole.

To accurately represent their awesomeness, Rocket and Groot will be getting their own (combined) post next Friday. Stay tuned for tree and raccoon themed hilarity.

As usual, these patterns are not my own and the photos are taken from the Ravelry pages to illustrate their awesomeness.


Cassette Tape iPod Cover

by owlinstitches on Ravelry


Of course Quill would need to make this pattern slightly larger to shove in his cassette player but that’s fine. After many long nights in space he has had plenty of time to hone his knitting skills so adapting a pattern will be nothing. On top of that, there’s something pleasingly meta about putting a cassette player in a cassette player pouch.


Green Goddess Socks

by Nancy Whitman


Above all things Gamora is practical. She does not have time for things like dancing or cold feet. Though she may be swayed (literally) on the first thing, the second is a no-go. These socks will blend in to her skin tone and are just as weirdly classy as she is.


Snowbound Hat

by Justyna Lorkowska


Drax has a lot of bald head going on and let’s face it, our guys are unlikely to stick entirely to the temperate zones. Perfect for when Drax takes a trip somewhere with snowfall this hat will keep the chill off him and the subtle design will complement his tattoos nicely.

Thursday Follow pt 3

Here I am again offering up some blogs for you to peruse at your leisure, hand-picked from the embarrassingly large amount I read. I mean, looking at my search history you might think I’m some kind of knitting fanatic or something. Ahem.

Of course ‘fanatic’ doesn’t quite cover it in reality. I spend a lot of time reading and writing about knitting. As it stands I’m fairly certain I spend more time actually knitting, especially since I knit while I read knitting blogs half the time.

Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Okay. Onto this week’s blogs.

First there’s Hard Knit Life. This is a recent discovery of mine but I’m enjoying the posts. Amongst pictures showing some real talent there are also posts with some lovely technique tips. What more could you want?

Then we have So Knit Some. I think the word best suited to this blog is elegant. I truly enjoy scrolling through her well-put-together posts and reading snippets of her life among her creations. Absolutely lovely.

The final blog today is one most of you will know and if you don’t, you need to. That’s right: Yarn Harlot. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is pretty much the patron saint of knitting. Her blog is made of sheer delight. I’ve been reading it for years and she never bores me.

Compiling these links makes me realise how lucky us knitters and crocheters are to have such a wonderful community around us. So many people with so much passion pouring out onto the page. It really makes me proud to have carved out my own little piece of this niche and it’s no wonder I spend so much time reading knitting blogs when there are so many good folk out there writing them!

Who is Romoe?

Wandering through the creekside trial with the dog every day is a good way to unwind. I’ve been listening to Welcome to Night Vale on our walks lately so it’s rather apt to see bizarre and slightly surreal images like a dragonfly eating a littler fly:


Or even better, the epic love story and disaster that is this chunk of dead wood:



Who is Romoe? Was he Romeo’s cousin, the first to get a look in at Juliet? I love to imagine the kid who wrote this realising they’d butchered the name of one of Shakespeare’s most notable characters. Look how fervently they have scribbled it out.

I also enjoy how the knot in the wood dots the i.

In knitting news, I have… well. I made a grave mistake on the sock. I was halfway down the foot when I realised that I had been doing the pattern stitches on the sole as well as the arch which, as any sock-wearer will know, is a recipe for discomfort and badly-wearing socks. So I huffed and I puffed and I tinked that sock back. That’s roughly three to five hours of work completely wasted.

Needless to say the sock and I are on a temporary break.

To get over my anger I’ve started crocheting the Chevron Lace cardigan pattern out of some gorgeous pink laceweight with a 5.5mm hook, size small. It will be light pink and glittery so heaven knows if I’ll keep it for myself. Maybe. They say it gets cold at work and this merino blend will certainly warm me up.



Picture from the Ravelry page.

I made it once before years ago back when I didn’t even know how to knit. It was for a friend and somehow I promptly lost it. Still to this day I have no idea where it went.

Since a couple of days of work has already brought me past the armpits I doubt it’s going to take me long to finish and then I’ll go back to my socks.


A nerd with needles. // New posts Monday, Thursday, and Friday.


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