A Little Hiatus

It’s a busy time. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is worn out at the end of every day.

So to counter that – and the fact I will be busy with family over Christmas – I’m going to take a short break from the blog.

I haven’t done this for a couple of years so I’ll probably miss it and be back in a week! Still, as it stands I’ll be starting posting regularly again as of December 29th.

See you guys soon, and happy holidays!


This is not the hat I knit for Martina at Kniterary, but it’s made from the same yarn in a different colourway.

It is not a hat for this weather. I tried: this morning I pulled it over my ears and about thirty seconds later sincerely wished I’d brought a real winter hat. As much as I try to kid myself it really is time for the hardcore clothes here in southern Ontario.

Still, it’s pretty.


This is a lovely yarn. The colours are awesome and the pattern it makes is pretty. Making a hat doesn’t take up a whole skein either (especially impressive since I have a large head).

As I mentioned in my last post it’s Cascade Color Duo. Colour? Color? You know what I mean.

For the Love of a Yarn

When I went to The Little Green House for the Thursday knitting group, I had just finished a commission and didn’t have anything else with me to knit – I’d been flustered after my bus home from work had been late and didn’t have time to grab something new.

Martina suggested I knit something out of a new yarn for her to show in the store. That yarn is Cascade Duo Colour, a 70% baby alpaca/30% Merino blend and oh my goodness, this yarn. It is lovely. Just lovely.

Colduo-202 colduo-207 Colduo-201

First of all the colours are beautiful. I started a hat for Martina out of the middle colour, a gorgeous burnt orange with black in it. I knitted a Barley hat from it which I’ll take pictures of once I get around to sewing in the ends – which usually takes me longer to bother with than the entire knitting process.

I also bought the red one since the rich blood red mixed with the black is striking. Knit up, it’s even better. The black and red fade between one another, speckled in places and plain in the other, and it’s subtle and lovely.

As for the texture?


I already love baby alpaca. One of my first fancy projects was some fingerless mitts in a baby alpaca blend. It’s soft with none of the itchiness of the mature alpaca and I have had many people at work wandering over to give it a pet. It’s a pleasure to knit.

The only downside to this yarn is that it splits quite a bit but if you’re careful it’s worth it.

So readers, get out and try this yarn if you’re in the mood to spoil yourself. It’s lovely and you won’t regret it.

(P.S.: believe it or not, Cascade isn’t paying me for this post. Honest.)

A Finished Shawl: My Favourite Creation

It’s been a while since I posted a finished object.

As I explained before it’s been difficult what with knitting primarily being for commission and therefore not appropriate for this blog. Thankfully I happened to be wearing my favourite knitted shawl out to the dog park today and had brought my camera along to take pictures of our gorgeous puppy. Since Van promptly leapt into the muddiest puddle he could find, I used the camera to take pictures of the shawl.

It’s made from Cascade 220 and is the Brandywine Shawl from Ravelry.


It was a pleasure to knit. The scalloping was a lot of fun once I got the hang of it (I’m a little slow sometimes – I thought I was doing it wrong because there was so much reverse stockinette. D’oh) and the smocking… oh, the smocking.

Let me be clear: I LOVE the smocking. I love everything about it. I love how it looks, I love how you do it, and most of all I love the word. Smocking. Smock. Smocking.


I get a lot of compliments when I wear it. On Thursday I bought a shawl pin for the first time ever since my coworker wondered why I was using one of my knitting needles to hold it on and thought I’d better get past that amateur stage and take shawls seriously. Apparently shawls are a thing I wear now.

This shawl is my favourite thing I’ve knitted so far. It was fun to do and it’s fun to wear, too. It’s versatile in a way I didn’t expect. Honestly, I expected to cast it off then gaze at it for a while before storing it away somewhere but nope, I’ve worn it lots. I wear it at work around my shoulders with my shawl pin and I wear it like a scarf when I’m out and about. It’s wonderful and I love it.

Did I mention I’m a bit fond of this one?

Oh, and for those who are wondering… yes, there were other dog walkers around while I was taking these photos and yes, they laughed at the crazy lady taking photos of a scarf hanging off a tree.

I don’t blame them. I would have laughed too.

What Should I Knit Next?

The new year will be here in no time and Christmas knitting will be over. Though I got most of mine done early, I’ve also been working on commission stuff (which is mostly done) so I’m going to take some time in January to knit something indulgent and just for me.

Since I give anything away that I knit except for shawls, I think the choice is obvious. But which shawl?

I bought a skein of Wollmeise from Loop in London just before I left the UK as a goodbye England gift to myself. It’s still sitting and waiting for me. It’s a nice rich terracotta colour, though I’ve also been told it’s the colour of baby poop, because my friends are awesome. In either case I love it and it’s a solid colour which means I can pick something nice and complicated.

The Options

Maple Leaf Knit Shawl

by Natalia @ Elfmoda


This choice is kind of obvious. I do, after all, have a vested interest in maple leaves since I moved to Canada so recently. It would be appropriate in the colour I have. I don’t think this pattern would be too difficult but at the same time that could make it quite boring.


by Kitman Figueroa


Look at this thing. I’ve had it in my queue since 2012 and I’ve had the pattern nearly as long. It’s intimidating with lots of lace and cables and bobbles, but I’m so tempted. This is the most likely option if I can convince myself that I am capable of making it.

Tiong Bahru

by Åsa Tricosa


This is a nice balance between complicated and easy. It doesn’t look too difficult and it does have large swaths of stockinette so it’s not as intense as the Damask, but though I love this pattern it hasn’t been in my queue nearly as long. I still want to make it, I’m just not sure whether it’s the time.

So what do you think? What would you choose for some nice indulgent knitting?

One Lovely Blog Award


How lovely is Bonnyknits? (Spoiler: very).

She nominated me for this very cute award. Thank you! It feels good to know people enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy reading others.

You should go check out her blog immediately. She’d be on my list if she hadn’t nominated me anyway.

These are the rules of the One Lovely Blog Award:

  1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you
  2. List the rules and display the award
  3. Include seven facts about yourself
  4. Nominate around 10-15 other bloggers and let them know about the award (their About page is a good place!)
  5. Follow the blogger who nominated you, if not already. (Optional!)

Seven Facts About Polo

  • I was born in the southwest of England and grew up on a small crazy island sticking off the coast.
  • After visiting Canada multiple times since I was 18, I finally emigrated six months ago.
  • I have a first class honours degree in Linguistics and Philosophy.
  • My first and biggest passion is reading and writing: I used to cuddle books instead of teddies.
  • I love strong flavours. As a kid I would take sips of vinegar.
  • I’ve had OCD most of my life but it’s almost under control now.
  • My day job is at a call centre and I love it because they let me knit.

So here are the people I’m telling you to go check out because they are super awesome.

If I’ve got your pronoun choice wrong, I do apologise – let me know and I’ll change it.

Lovely Bloggers

  1. Gladeridercrafts.  Very talented, very sweet. Always has something interesting or nice to say in her blog and her comments.
  2. Photosophiaus. This is my good friend Sophie. She is reponsible for my knitting addiction. She’s also very talented and a constant inspiration (though she doesn’t knit/crochet much now).
  3. Kerry writes the most lovely posts with interesting tidbits and good photos.
  4. Hardknitlife always has something new to say and is a very talented knitter.
  5. Soknitsome is another blogger who I’ve grown to adore lately. Very friendly and her posts are great.
  6. Little Church Knits posts wonderful things and wonderful photos. Make sure you bundle up if you click on her; it’s snowing on her blog right now!
  7. Ways to Knit Forever always has something good on the needles.
  8. Bamcrafts has excellent posts and often has new patterns on the go. Good ones.
  9. Crosstitchery is a blog full of ideas and charming notions. Love visiting it.
  10. The Sock Monkey knits a lot of socks. Some of those socks are from his own patterns. I really love socks too.

Honestly, I’ve been lacking in energy thanks to NaNoWriMo and the weather change. I haven’t been blogging consistently and I haven’t been visiting my old favourites. Thank you for making me miss it, Bonnyknits. I’m going to be clicking through all you guys and my reader all day now.


Lately I’ve been asked to do a lot of knitting for other people. That’s not unusual (as any knitter will know) but this time I’ve been paid for it.

As a result, I’m lacking any photos of projects lately. Though I’m the one that’s knitting these items, they’re not mine. I don’t feel comfortable posting pictures of them. They’re a lot of fun to do and it’s always good to get paid to do something you love but it’s creating a bit of a blank spot on my blog.

I have thought about showing partial pictures just as something to fill in the blank spots here – what do you think? Would that be appropriate?

This won’t go on forever. I have some old projects I need to photograph and get up on here, plus I’m about to finish a pair of socks (I forgot to bring the commission project I’m working on with me out of the house today). There will be some photos of my knitting coming soon.

A nerd with needles. // New posts Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.


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