The initial thank-you

For the kindness of strangers and friends alike.

My Kickstarter, if you were not aware, was a resounding success. If you want to learn more about it, click here.

Thank you!

The first of my thanks goes to June, one of the many generous souls around here. Thank you, June. You rock.

Next: Thank you Tanya (or TanRAWR!) who runs the lovely Your next point of call after me should definitely be her. Her banner alone is worth the trip (spoiler: it’s adorable).

Then there is Donald, AKA Hamcat, who is a fellow writer at Thank you! You rock, but then you already knew that. (If you didn’t know, we also podcast once a week over there.)

Finally (for today) there’s Kelly. Now, I know Kelly in real life and she is fantastic. Funny, smart, kind; everything you could want in a person. Thank you, Kelly. She’d like you to check out The Hunger Site because she’s awesome.

No, that’s not everyone. There are many more thanks to come but the others picked out rewards that gets them their very own post, so I’ll be setting that up for a once-a-week extravaganza starting Wednesday. Oh yes. These are exciting times, folks. I have some wonderful people around me and I can’t wait to share the exciting things they have to offer.

The New Beginning for the Knitter Nerd

I’ve known it all along: knitters are awesome people.

Not only that, but people are awesome people; not everyone who pledge toward my Kickstarter campaign is a knitter. Some are people I know, some are strangers, all of you have made my year.

This blog is so important to me. Not only because it allows me to vent all the knitting thoughts I have in my head on a day to day basis, but because I can reach out and connect with knitters. One of my main goals with improving The Knitter Nerd is finding a way to connect more with you awesome folks to prove none of us are shouting into the void. We’re all a bunch of knitters and nerds and we’re not alone.

That’s the biggest, most important lesson the internet has taught me. As a scared and lonely teenager I retreated into an online world and I have never looked back. Not once. I found my girlfriend here, I found friends here, and I found that no matter how weird people said I was back then I was among likeminded people as soon as I heard that dial-up tone.

Knitting has been a similar experience for me. Since I joined Sophie’s Stitch ‘n’ Bitch in 2010 during a period of very boring unemployment I realized that knitters are lovely. They are accepting, kind people of all types and they will whole-heartedly pull you into their midst, thrusting skeins of pretty things at you until you’re past saving.

If I sound sappy, forgive me. I am overwhelmed by the kindness I have seen in the past two months. You’ll see the rewards start to roll out this month so keep an eye out for that. There will be more changes to the site over the next three months and I’m very excited to show you guys what’s happening.

(Note: if you come by here and see the site is a bit wonky, don’t mind it. It’s having a little spruce up this month and I do these things by trial and error.)

Thank you everyone who helped me out with this big step up, and thanks for the support of everyone else who reads and comments on this blog. You are all treasures.


You may have noticed things are quiet around here.

That is temporary. I am setting up the new blog and then will be organising all the Kickstarter rewards. This is taking its time, and on top of some out-of-blog commitments, I’ve decided it’s best to shut this thing down until October.

See you on the other side. It’s going to be great.


Blanket for my nephew

When my sister told me she was having another baby the news was bittersweet. It coincided with my first year living in Canada, which meant that I knew I would not get to meet him for quite some time after his birth. He was born a couple of months ago and I still haven’t met him, though he’s absolutely gorgeous and I hope to meet him next year.

I am not a baby person. Without my niece and nephews around I probably wouldn’t knit anything baby-related. That said, I thoroughly enjoy the chances I get to express my affection for these tiny people through yarn-based goodness.


So I knit him a blanket.

This was… a boring knit, considering it is ninety-percent stockinette. That said, it joined me in Manitoulin and was quite fun to knit out in the sunshine without having to use much brainpower to keep it going, and it wasn’t very difficult to knit at work. I finished it a while ago but cast it aside while I waited to finish some other things and now it is time to send them to him.

I also finished a cardigan and you’ll be seeing that soon.

A New Nerdy Obsession

In the past few months a new obsession has taken hold. It started slowly from a day at the lake playing Catopoly, which is exactly what it sounds like, and blossomed into a full and interesting fixation on all sorts of board games.

Before going to Manitoulin we went to Toronto and visited Hairy Tarantula, a rather lovely games/comic store that has piles and piles of board games. It took us a long time but eventually we decided to buy Ancient World; it seemed simple enough for beginners to understand, yet interesting enough to keep our attention. It would be perfect to play out in the sunshine on our vacation.

Of course, our Manitoulin plans went awry but we still managed to play a few games in the dull light of the porch on a table covered in plastic. It was a lot of fun and we picked it up without too much trouble.

Gams gams gams

Great, we thought. Let’s get more.

One day Nari went to the mall for something simple. We live right next door to one so this is not an unusual occurrence, but then she came back with a big grin on her face and the Firefly game in a bag at her side. Now, I wasn’t going to complain. Firefly! Board games! What crazy fool would object to the two being mashed up?

Firefly is so much fun. We’ve only played two games and we’re very much at the learning stage but I could play it for hours. It’s funny and really feels like you’re in their world as you get absorbed into the story. Firefly is a great game.


Last Friday was my birthday; more on those celebrations later. When it came to opening presents I suspected Nari might get me something game-related, but I was impressed to see she’d picked out a game of chess. When I was a child I loved chess; I was a member of the chess club and regularly beat all the guys in the group. However, no one has much wanted to play it with me since I was eight so I am a little rusty. She beat me hands down in both games we played.

Seriously guys, it was embarrassing. I suck so bad.

That means there’s plenty of room for improvement and even better, there’s a Marvel set of chess pieces that we plan on collecting. Because spending our Sunday nights playing board games isn’t geeky enough.

Do you play board games? Which are your favourite?

Welp. That Went Well.

Still not entirely sure how it happened, but thirty days have passed and my Kickstarter campaign is funded. Including the pledge I got from an offline friend (I love you C.J.), it totalled $785. SEVEN. HUNDRED. AND EIGHTY. FIVE. DOLLARS.

This blog is not only levelling up, it just beat the goddamn Boss.

It takes a few weeks for everything to process, so there won’t be much news for a while. Just know I’m thankful for all your support – whether you pledged, shared, or just thought happy thoughts. Soon enough the Knitter Nerd podcast will launch with its jaunty new tune (more on that later) and the blog will be upgraded. I’m pretty sure I have enough to figure out getting it onto a different server, but I’m still working that out.

My cousin Jack is writing a short tune for my podcast intro. He’s a musician by trade, recently graduated and already a radio star (he was on BBC Radio 6 a few weeks back). I’m proud of him and pleased he’s doing this, and thanks to you it’s not even a struggle to pay him – even though I would have figured it out if the Kickstarter hadn’t happened, because Jack is awesome.

Everything. Everything is awesome.

If this post is all over the place, I apologise. I’m a bit excited. Back to your regularly scheduled yarniness any day now.

Gawd, I love this yarn.

It’s Nearly Over.

The Knitter Nerd Kickstarter ends on Saturday. 

This has been an amazing month. I put up a small goal to light a fire under my butt for this blog, thinking that I could gauge whether it’s worth pushing on, and guys, it was worth it. As you know if you read this blog regularly, I hit my original target in twenty-four hours and proceeded to gape in shock and awe as more people showed their support.

I love all of you. All of you. I am a big old bundle of love. Nerdy, fibre-covered love.

Since it’s nearly done, here’s a last reminder that if you want me to knit you something you can totally do that. I’ll do socks, but if you’re looking for something a little cheaper you can get me to knit you any of these:

From Victoria Ann Baker's Ravelry pattern Page: Treads, A Tipless Gloves Pattern
From Victoria Ann Baker’s Ravelry pattern Page: Treads, A Tipless Gloves Pattern
From morgankenai's Ravelry pattern page: TARDIS Beanie
From morgankenai’s Ravelry pattern page: TARDIS Beanie
From Robin Barnhill's Ravelry pattern page: R2D2 Can Cosy.
From Robin Barnhill’s R2D2 Can Cosy.

For just $50, and that includes the postage for most places in the world (and the yarn). And you’d be helping me out more than I could say.

You can also get a link to your blog/shop/designs on The Knitter Nerd or an entire post dedicated to your wares. Check out the rewards, there may be something you want.

I’ve already (more than) reached my stretch goal, but I’m not going to add anything else to it. I’m just letting you know the option is still there for me to knit you something. And if you say you came via this post when I contact you maybe you’ll get something a little extra-special in your package when I sent it out!

Also if you want me to make something for someone else (i.e. for a Christmas present) I’m happy to wrap it and send it directly to them instead of you in time for whatever celebration you have, within reason. So let me know. I’m flexible.

If you want to check it out, click here. And don’t worry; this is the last post there’ll be about the Kickstarter until it’s over!

Why Do I Do This To Myself?

I hate sewing. I hate it.

In my final two years of secondary school back on Portland (ages 15 and 16, for those not in the UK), I quite food tech and took textiles instead. It was the start of my interest in the subject but I new almost immediately that I would rather staple my own hand to a table rather than sewing the dress I was making; I never finished the dress, leaving it unlined and unwearable. I passed, but only barely.

Unfortunately by this point my Dad had already purchased a very fancy sewing machine which I proceeded to never use and gave to my friend after ten years of neglect (I hope you’re enjoying it, Soph).

I can just about manage to sew up a hole in my clothes, though it’s functional rather than neat. I can sew on a button though I have to sit and concentrate with furrowed brow and if anyone talks to me while I do it, I inevitably stab myself in the finger. I hate sewing. I hate it.

So of course I pick a project that involves sewing the arms onto the cardigan.

I’m halfway through the first sleeve and keep eyeing the cardigan with nervous anticipation because I don’t know how I’m going to do this. I’ve never sewn in sleeves. I’ve always done raglan shaping, because at worst that means a few stitches in the underarm (which can usually be fudged with some crochet). This, though… this looks complicated. This looks like lining things up and making things neat and I don’t want to do it.

Luckily for Mr. Tommy, the new nephew (I typed ‘newphew’ which is accurate but incorrect), he has super chubby cheeks and I would do anything for his small blobbiness that I’ve never met, which is interesting to me as the least maternal person in the world. That means I’m going to sew in the sleeves as soon as they’re done, teeth a-gnashing.

Tommy, you’re lucky you’re cute. You better appreciate this.

On The Needles Today

I’ve been knitting a lot lately.

This isn’t exactly new, but it is satisfying. Not only have I been knitting, I have actually been finishing things! Considering how many WIPs (work in progresses) I have lingering in various bags and drawers around the house it’s exciting to cast a few off them off once in a while.

I’ll be sharing pictures of those once they’re washed and blocked (and once I find my camera SD card and charger…), but for now I’m going to talk about the thing that is my active knitting project. Though I always have at least four things languishing that are technically WIPs, I really only count the things I’ve knitted in the last week or so.

Aside from two FOs (finished objects), this cardigan is the only thing I’ve been knitting. I’m not enjoying it that much because it’s dull and repetitive, but the result is so lovely I keep going despite that. I’m about 40% done and it is the squishiest cardigan ever.

My little sister had a baby boy a month ago. His name is Tommy, and it looked for a while like he might be deaf but we have been reassured after many tests that he will regain his hearing eventually (and at worst need minor surgery). I have knit him a blanket and some mini converse shoes, but this cardigan is something else. This cardigan is to wrap him up in a big hug until I can finally meet him next year.

The pattern is Hatchling Baby Cardigan [available here for $3 US].

Picture not mine; from the Ravelry page, link above.
Picture not mine; from the Ravelry page, link above.

I am using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in a beautiful pale teal colour that makes me happy to look at. It’s almost minty. I can’t take full pictures while my camera’s SD card is MIA, but I can take quick snaps from my knitting group using my terrible Blackberry camera (okay, it’s not that bad).

My camera likes to pretend things are grey.
My camera likes to pretend things are grey.

…Never mind, it’s pretty bad. That is not even close to the right colour, but it gives your an idea of the lovely cables that are boring as anything to knit but look fantastic.

Tommy is three and a half thousand miles away but though I can’t give him a hug yet, I can give him this. I hope that’s enough.

Another Kickstarter Update

It’s ten days until my Kickstarter ends and I couldn’t be happier. I wondered if I would hit the original target of $200; I debated making it less, but that was the minimum I would need for a microphone and an upgrade for my blog. I cringed and set it up, telling myself I wouldn’t lose anything if it didn’t get funded and it would at least tell me whether it’s worth trying to push The Knitter Nerd blog further.

Then twenty-four hours passed and I was 110% funded.

With my head still spinning I put a stretch goal of $600 which would allow me to get a desk for my writing (something I need more than I can say) and would also let me pay my cousin, a talented musician, to do the music for my podcast.

With ten days left, I’m $35 from reaching that. It says $135 on there, but one friend gave me cash because she did not want to use a credit card and I include that since it will go towards it. There are still a few fun rewards left so if you want me to knit you something you’d better get on that; you’ve got ten days left to buy my wares!

You can find the Knitter Nerd Kickstarter over here, and you can find my eternal thanks for all the support right here in this blog. I am overflowing with it. Seriously, I have love hearts for eyes.

As far as I’m concerned this has proven I should keep going with the blog and you’ll be seeing more of me over the next few exciting months, including my first podcast in September. Thanks for coming along for the ride!