An instant addict

You know when you pick up a new hobby, there’s that time you can’t think about anything else? I’m at that stage with knitting. I am at my sister’s house and I’ve left my bag of yarn at home and all I can think about is what I’ll try knitting later. I’ve nearly finished Nari’s scarf which, when I cast off, will be my first completed project. There will be photos. It is no longer the only yarn I have though and I’ve been thinking of trying new things.

I’ve always had a habit of throwing myself into slightly complicated things instead of simple things when I start something. The first songs I learnt on my guitar were all quite complicated because after that, everything seems easy. Or at least not quite so impossible.

Obviously I’m not going to launch myself into lace. Something more like this might be more appropriate, a scarf shaped like a snake. I’d make a mini one because Nari breeds snakes and this is the kind of thing that amuses me. It’s not too complicated, in fact it’s pretty simple, but it’s not just a plain rectangular scarf and I think that would be more fun.

Also on my list of things to do: buy a crochet hook.


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