Crocheting a snake

You know when you try for ages and ages to do something without reading more than one tutorial and completely fail? Just me, huh? Well, I’ve been teaching myself to crochet with very little prior reading and it hasn’t been going well. I’ve produced a few scraps of rubbish fabric but I was determined to get it right so I kept on going.

Tonight was Stitch and Bitch at the Old Town Hall. I love it so; within half an hour of getting there I not only had a fabulous cup of tea, but I was well on my way to starting my first actual crochet project without failing miserably.

With the help of Sophie and a very talented lady whose name I cannot remember, I began crocheting in a circle instead of in rows and it is SO MUCH EASIER you have no idea! (Except that anyone reading this probably would have an idea…)

Yeah, it’s a snake. Yes it is for my snake-breeder girlfriend. It’s cute, no? I will stitch in some detail when it’s done. I didn’t plan to make a snake, it just kind of happened, but despite the seriously lumpy head a really like it. Anyway, lumpy heads are a common feature of the Lumpus Headus Tree Snake, don’t you know. *wink*

I’m glad I finally have the hang of this a bit. It was really bugging me.


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