So while watching Psych on my laptop – which I bought a while ago but never got around to watching – I had my crochet hook and my bamboo cotton in hand. I made a circle and then thought, hey! Why not see if I can make a simple flower without actually looking up how to make one?

Note: This is not an unusual process for my mind. When I started to learn how to bake, my first attempt involved shoving a bunch of ingredients into a bowl, mashing them up, and seeing what they came out like. They were bizarre things, halfway between cakes and cookies, but they tasted okay. After that I took a more practical approach to cookie-making and bought a recipe book which has served me well and earned the grease on its covers.

Anyway. I started stitching in what seemed like a logical way and sure enough, I created a petal bump. I repeated it around the circle and crocheted in a chain to make it a bracelet because… well, why not? I like to wear my slightly rubbish creations with pride, people!

It’s lopsided because I didn’t count stitches and it’s too big for my skinny little wrist but I love it anyway. Have a picture, my loves.


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