Craft · Crocheting

Teddy mauling

I work (most of the time) in a toy shop. It’s full of teddies and quite often the teddies are ripped and torn and generally rubbish, so we write these poor things off and throw them away. I, however, have taken to crocheting a lot and therefore need stuffing, so I’ve been using the teddies for my nefarious purposes.

In future I may not start mauling small teddy bears while the shop is open, however. I’m pretty sure I gave that little kid nightmares.

Anyway. I crocheted another snake, this time one that’s not entirely bumpy and rubbish. I’m going to decorate it eventually – just as soon as I stop getting distracted by new shiny things to make, like the chunky wool I bought yesterday in red and tan, or the green baby yarn out of which I plan to crochet my nephew a blanket.


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