Craft · Crocheting · Knitting

Anthropomorphic Lump

This started out a cat, then turned into an alien. She is a very pretty alien though in her frilly dress. I crocheted the body and stuff it with the guts of ruined teddies at work, and couldn’t work out how to attach the limbs so they’re rather flimsily attached. Her head is squashed to say the least and her dress is half knitted, half crocheted.

I’m impressed I managed to make the frills at the bottom like I wanted. I didn’t look up a tutorial for it, I just guessed. Knitting isn’t as intuitive to me as crocheting is, but it’s getting there. So far I prefer crochet.

Slightly more impressive than a snake, though I have a long way to go.

I need to get some batteries for my camera; my iphone one is fine, but bad quality.


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