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Rat Hammock

Seeing as I used totally the wrong yarn for the cowl I made in the last week, I decided that it was best to do something useful with it. I have animals galore (I love that word. Comes from Gaelic /etymology geek) so I stitched in four hanger thingies and attached it to my rat cage.

My rats have never warmed to any of the hammocks I’ve given them and it took them a couple of hours to give in to this, but this morning I woke up and they were sleeping soundly curled up inside. ❤

In other good news, Sophie has asked me to help take over the local Stitch n Bitch when she goes back to university along with her mum (who is lovely) and maybe other excellent people. I’m very excited about this; I look forward to Stitch n Bitch all the fortnight so this will be fabulous!


4 thoughts on “Rat Hammock

  1. I love the meaning of ‘gu leor’. I always use it as an example when I’m talking about linguistic relativism. I think that one phrase is a beautiful representation of the Gaelic mindset – it means both ‘plenty’ and ‘enough’. So if you have enough, you have plenty. And it’s funny, in Nova Scotia it’s made its way into the vernacular. Saying ‘good enough’ is the same as an enthusiastic ‘that’s great!’ (but will get you soundly mocked by my wife).

    . . . so yes, I’m an etymology/linguistics/Gaelic nerd as well.

    Cute hammock!


    1. Hee you have no idea how happy this comment made me. It really is fascinating and I didn’t know that about the usage in Nova Scotia – really interesting. Thank you!


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