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Stitch Markers

For some reason I was crocheting/knitting for a couple of months before I realised that stitch markers might make the whole process less annoying. As it was I just kind of guessed where I’d started – not the best way to do things, but fairly in line with my general approach to life. However while crocheting the tarantula I’m currently obsessed with, I realised that 11 rows of 72 stitches might end in me losing count so I decided to improvise a stitch marker.

Yeah, it’s just a hair slide, or a bobby pin if you’re from across the pond. Simple but effective. I slip it into the first stitch of a round and get on with it without having to count every stitch I’m making.

If you want something more snazzy there are lots of places to buy crochet markers. Since I’m an advocate of indie craft makers I’d say go through the huge collection of crochet supplies on Etsy, you’ll be sure to find something interesting there. Otherwise you can make your own since it’s not difficult. There are many tutorials out there, for example this one. I might do it one day. My pin will do for now.

I’m still a little confused about knitting stitch markers though. Maybe when I can stop crocheting for five minutes I’ll work it out.


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