Star Blanket for Jayden

My nephew is awesome and it’s his birthday soon so I decided to make him something nice. This was probably a bad idea since I’m not very good yet but alas, I’ve started so I’ll probably finish. Because I’m so good at finishing stuff, obviously.

Somehow I’ve got a little confused since I’ve lost where the round starts and now I’m just going around in a spiral. Oh well. If it works, it’s easy, if it doesn’t then I will know in a few rounds and can unravel. I’m going to line it with some nice soft material because it’s winter soon and he’ll need it.

Pattern from here, dubiously followed.


3 thoughts on “Star Blanket for Jayden

  1. To find the point where the round starts, count the rows in each segment. On your photo, from the intial star shape there are only 6 rows on the 3 upper left segments, and 7 on the others. Presuming you are at the top currently, the round ends in 3 segments time. Hope that helps! For a blanket a single row difference won’t make a huge difference, it just means that it ends up slightly warped rather than flat (more important for rugs etc where you need it to lie flat.


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