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Vintage craft continued

There are so many vintage patterns available online! It’s wondrous. I have spent many an hour browsing them now, hours I should have spent crocheting things for Christmas or even my nephew’s blanket which needs to be done in a couple of weeks for his first birthday. Mostly I’ve been neglecting all the useful things to concentrate on that tenuous link to the past with which I’ve become fascinated.

This evening whilst watching Sin City (terrible, terrible film) I was playing around with a pattern dubiously named Asphyxiation. Call me strange but I’m wary of making anything to go around my neck that has strangulation as a theme, though apparently that’s not stopping me. I bought some emerald green crochet thread whilst in Newcastle and thought I’d try out the motif from it which was adapted from a 1916 table cloth pattern.

I had nothing flat to lie it on. My house is rather devoid of clear flat surfaces.

So far it’s turning out quite nice. I will carry on with it another time; it’s a bit fiddly to be doing in anything but natural sunlight I think.

Another fantastic vintage crochet blog you might want to check out is here: Vintage Stitch-O-Rama! My favourite pattern, whilst not being technically vintage, is that of a clockwork motif that would make a fantastic necklace out of thin bronze thread. I shall consider this further and maybe make it for someone as a present for Christmas; I know I have a few friends into steampunk who would appreciate it! Click through here to see the pattern for that particular piece of art.

It’s not clear yet what is attracting me to these styles of crochet work. Maybe I’m just fed up of crocheting flowers. A problem my good friend Lucy doesn’t have; she’s well on her way to creating a blanket made of crochet flowers and we spent a good amount of the time I spent with her in Newcastle crocheting pretty petals. Good times.


9 thoughts on “Vintage craft continued

  1. Very nice! I’m sort of in the same boat as you…I have a weakness for the vintage needle arts. Earlier this year I got involved in using a knitting board and the end result in absolutely stunning. I guess it also helps that I can’t really sit still for too long without doing something with my hands. Lovely work though!!


  2. This makes me want to bust out my needles! I haven’t used them for some months now. . . They may be feeling a bit neglected. I love the links to the vintage patterns. Thanks for the inspiration.

    The Deliberate Dabbler


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