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Teaching Crochet

Yesterday my mum came to the Stitch ‘n Bitch. She doesn’t leave the house much so it was nice to see her getting into something like this. She does card marking primarily but this week she hadn’t prepared anything and came along anyway so, since I had spare hooks and yarn with me, I settled down to teach her how to crochet.

I realise this is entirely the wrong way around. One of the things I find so charming about people’s stories of how they learned needlecraft is that they have tales of fireside gatherings as children surrounded by their older female family members knitting/crocheting away and tales of their grandparents or parents handing down the skills to a new generation. Well, I’m handing up my skills. My mother used to be able to knit but remembers very little of it, and though she says she once crocheted I don’t think she got very far with it from how much she struggled at first when I was teaching her! Not that that says anything about her skill level; when I first started I struggled insanely for quite a while but now I have passable talent.

Since another woman had come along with sewing that was too big for our rather cramped hall, I gave her a skein and a hook and she joined in with the lesson.

The atmosphere at the Weymouth Stitch ‘n Bitch is so relaxed and friendly that I look forward to it all fortnight. When Tuesday rolls around I run to the Old Town Hall (literally; I have to be there to open up quarter of an hour after I finish work) and wait for the lovely folks to start turning up. This week they began turning up quarter of an hour before the event usually opens. They’re getting eager. Once again we ran out of table space and had to rearrange.

Next time I have Tuesday off so I will be able to do some baking beforehand for the first time in a while.

I haven’t had much time for anything creative in the last while due to participating for the seventh year running in NaNoWriMo. I’m thinking of starting making crochet squares of various sizes to practise my skills and spin out a nice eclectic blanket. I made a granny square for the first time the other day so I’m already off!

Since I haven’t had a chance to post this yet, I will also share my creations for Halloween this year. We dressed up for work and I looked more than a little terrifying in my costume (a zombie) but it was the crocheted accessories that pleased me the most!

This was a rather delicious spiderweb glove – I only made one instead of a set because I thought it would get in the way whilst serving customers. Everyone I work with liked it a lot and I was pleased with it myself right up until I squirted soap all over it… anyway. It’s such a simple, easy pattern that you can find on Ravelry here by Irina Novikova. The pattern itself doesn’t have the spider on it since I added that myself and sewed it on the top.

My pride! I found a pattern for a blood choker here and though I liked the design I didn’t much care for the execution; I wanted something more realistic since I’m quite twisted. The above choker was the result. I am going to make another for my friend who requested one and I might try to write down a pattern or at least a set of instructions on how to do this.

I also finished my nephew’s blanket which was for his first birthday. I not only completed it on time, I also remembered to wrap it and buy him a card! This is a big deal, people. Way more organised that I usually am. To close this rather image heavy entry, have a picture of the blanket in use at Jayden’s first birthday party (the baby pictured is not Jayden, it is one of his little friends who got rather tired in the middle of all the cake excitement):


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