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Granny Square Obsession

I have found a new obsession: granny squares. They’re so simple and easy and build up quickly so they’re pretty much perfect to pass a few minutes when I’m bored and happen to have a skein or two and a hook with me (which is pretty much always, along with my purse, iphone, book, and keys – you know, the bare essentials…) which means I’ve been making them at a rate of knots these past few days. It also helps me learn to switch colours since I’m not at all confident with doing that yet, despite the fact it’s incredibly easy with crochet. I’m also a little uncomfortable weaving in ends since I can never make it look neat enough.

It will also help me work on my sewing skills which are, despite years of textiles lessons at school, completely non-existent. I can thread a needle. I can stick the needle into the fabric. I can make big clumsy uneven stitches to hold things together. That’s the full extent of my skill. Since I want to start sewing things properly (all needlecraft is exciting!) I need to start learning how to sew neatly. My dad’s extremely skilled with a needle and thread but apparently it’s not hereditary.

Speaking of parents and thread, I really wish my mum had not lost her sewing box. I used to adore looking through it and since she never uses it, I would have totally stolen it off her by now. It disappeared sometime, probably while she was moving house. Sad times.

Recent times have also seen me attempting to knit once more. It didn’t go well. I can cast on and I can do the knit stitch quite confidently but then I notice I’ve dropped a stitch and instead of trying to work out how to fix this problem, my brain explodes and I spend so much time picking the bits of skull out of the yarn it’s not really worth it, you know? So I am not getting very far with the knitting needles. I have discovered, however, that I can knit much more comfortably with the needle stuck under my armpit. Mmmm.

Now let’s see how long it takes me to build up a lovely coloruful messily-sewn blanket for my freezing cold bed…


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