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Openwork Patterns: A Cornucopia of Links

Image by craftapalooza via Flickr

I have been looking for patterns resembling granny squares for the last few days. While I don’t really like things other than blankets (or maybe bags) made from granny squares, I think the openwork stitch style can be really effective on other items. Best of all they’re quick and simple to work up and they’re perfect for the many gifts I need to give considering the time of year!

Now look at these beautiful, elegant Handwarmers (pattern found here on Ravelry). It’s one of the easiest patterns I’ve seen so simple for beginners, yet the texture makes them interesting and with the right yarn they could be lovely. Not exactly warm enough for these winter months but I’m going to make myself some for milder days.

You could make a granny square skullcap (found here). It’s for kids and would be an excellent little present for someone in the family. There’s another similar granny hat pattern available too which I find adorable.

I found the cutest little openwork shrug that I’m considering making as a gift for my niece when she’s slightly bigger. If you’ve got the smarts you could probably work out how to make this a lot bigger and wear it yourself, if you were that way inclined. I would love to have an openwork shrug but items for myself will have to wait until after Christmas!

How about something quick and easy and yet very useful? There’s the Headband (from Ravelry, available as a Ravelry download) in the same stitch which would take no time and all and yet would be ultra stylish in a yarn to match your outfit. I say this like I know anything at all about fashion (I really don’t).

Shawls can take up a lot of yarn if you don’t use chunky but how about openwork? Then it speeds along. Here (link is again to Ravelry, also available here if you log in) is a pattern for a one-ball shawl that I might make for a friend.

Last but certainly not least there’s the openwork dress which absolutely stuns me. It’s so simple and the pattern would make it clear and easy, yet it looks amazing over other layers. Of course you can’t wear openwork clothes without underthings! For some reason it still blows my mind that I am technically capable of making my own clothes – at least some of them. I should sit down in the new year and make a large project like this just for me.

There’s so much you can do with such basic crochet techniques. No wonder I’ve not been able to get back into knitting!


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