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The Christmas Rush

I’ve been making a few things to present to my loved ones this Christmas. I’ve been involved in needlecraft for five whole months now (or near enough) and it’s time to put some of my creations out into the world!

That’s not to say they’re perfect. I see a thousand problems in everything I make but then, that goes for anything I do so time to suck it up.

I made these openwork gloves from this pattern; it’s a very easy pattern but looks cute as anything. These were for my best friend Jen who I see very infrequently due to our distance, so I gave them to her on our trip to London to see Scissor Sisters. She wore the scarf I made with the yarn (King Cole Haze DK, acrylic but lovely to handle) over her other scarf most of the weekend. Here is her posing with her gifts in the London Underground:

A happy friend pleases me greatly! Of course, the giving of gifts pale to the excitement of seeing Scissor Sisters again. Oh man, they are my favourite.

Anyway, back to the subject of yarn, Jen and I also visited Loop in Islington. I’m quite skint at the moment so could not afford any of their very pretty yarn but Jen purchased some BC Garn Baby Alpaca for me to make her something. We both win – I get to fondle some gorgeous yarn, Jen gets a snuggly prize sometime soon!

My creations have also gone international as I’ve sent a crocheted scarf across the ocean to my favourite person ever, the delectable Nari. I don’t have a picture of that one finished, but here’s one of me wearing it before I’d crocheted the last row:

Now to get back to finishing off everyone else’s gifts. Oh, I’m not leaving it too last minute at all…


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