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New Year!

Happy new year everyone! I hope that 2011 brings out lots of creativity in you.

At midnight at the turn of the year I was busy partying. By partying, I do in fact mean I was sat on my bed listening to my ‘banjo’ playlist whilst drinking a nice cup of tea and crocheting myself a coaster. This is pretty much my favourite way to spend my alone time so I consider it a successful start to the new year.

My resolutions are all rather vague and wibbly wobbly so I won’t talk about them except to say that I intend to start up a little crochet shop by the end of the year and I hope to be making some simple patterns before then too. I’ll be posting them free here of course.

Back to the coaster. Not that exciting you might think but it was more than it seems. Why? Because I made the yarn myself.

No, I haven’t obtained an alpaca, an angora rabbit or a musk ox (one day… no matter what my girlfriend says). I merely remembered some tutorial I read about making yarn from old t-shirts and thought it was a good time to try it out because I should have been tidying my room. Procrastination is the great motivator. The tutorial is here, though I did not follow it precisely (or at all) since I read it a few weeks ago and only just hunted it down for this entry. It’s interesting reading though and it certainly was what inspired me.

The t-shirt I chose was a horrible old grey thing that I bought years ago and is far too big for me. I wear it sometimes under my hoodies for lack of anything else but though I don’t wish to throw it away (since it was the top I wore the day I met my nephew for the first time) I didn’t want to be tempted to wear the sack-like creation again. Once it was cut into a continuous strip I rolled it into a ball and got out my chunkiest crochet hook to see what I could do.

First attempt was simple. I made a circle. It was perhaps a boring idea but I have been using it as a coaster since and it makes me happy. There’s no picture of that since it’s quite boring even if I am pleased with it.

Next up, I made a flower. Pattern here. I don’t know what I’m going to use it for since it’s too big for a coaster – I may hang it on my dreadfully bare wall. Most likely I’ll use it as an oversized coaster anyway. I’m simple that way. I have a tiny chunk of the yarn left which I will probably use to make a little wrist warmer to keep a little piece of it with me (and to show it off). I’m definitely doing this again with all my old clothes!

Next up on the agenda: finish off my friend Heidi’s crocheted shawl since I’m seeing her tomorrow. I also need to buy some batteries for my camera so I can take some pictures on something other than my iPhone.


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