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Vintage Crochet Book

I’m lucky to have such fabulous friends. Along with a hand-painted zombie bag, a mountie/maple leaf necklace and a moomin soft toy, Heidi bought me this crochet book. It’s in bad condition but I adore it. Published in the 1840s it’s a small book of patterns, knitted and crocheted, and some of them are hilarious. I’ll be posting some at later dates.

The strange thing about this book is that there are no illustrations of what you’re knitting or crocheting from the pattern which makes it rather hit and miss I’m sure. It was a lot cheaper to publish without images of course but I’d be wary of putting a lot of effort into something that could turn out nothing like you imagined! I suppose that’s part of the fun or perhaps ‘Mrs Gaugain’ was particularly trusted on these matters. She certainly seems to have published quite a lot!

If you’d like to view a .pdf version of one of her published books (very different to my copy) then click here. This one has a few small illustrations to give you some hint of what you’re doing.

As soon as I get time I’m going to make some of the things from the book. How could I resist? I love the lure of such a tangible link to an era that fascinates me.


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