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Awesome Things (and idiocy)

This blew my mind:

Yeah, that’s right. Apparently with a little hole in the end of your crochet hook you can suddenly do the knit stitch. As I really think knitted fabric has a much better feel to it for solid chunks of fabric and yet cannot wield knitting needles, I would love to try this. Plus it is called ‘knooking’. Is that not an awesome name?

I heard about it through looking at the blog Jimbo’s Front Porch; this guy turns some amazing crochet hooks from beautiful wood. If I ever have $40+ (which is about £25) to spend on something so small, I hope to buy one from him one day.

In unrelated news, I have finally worked out where I was going wrong when it came to different crochet stitches. I’ve been perpetually confused at whether I’m crocheting in the British way or the American way since often people don’t specify. Instead of actually looking up what I was doing, though, I just waited for it to form some kind of pattern in my mind.

For me, UK single crochet = US double crochet. Yeah. We can already see where that’s not working.

It turns out the UK single crochet is a slip stitch. This makes absolutely no sense to me. A UK double crochet is a US single crochet. A triple crochet in the UK is a double in the US etc. I finally get it! And, despite my thoroughly English origins, I reject the UK standards. I am totally sticking to the American way. It makes a lot more sense to me, probably because I’ve taught myself to crochet primarily through the internet which has a huge US bias.

Do you want a bad picture of my almost-finished Chevron Lace cardigan (direct link to .pdf)? No?

Well, have one anyway because despite the awful quality of the photo I am extremely proud of this creation.

Its intended giftee is back in England tomorrow so I need to finish these sleeves post-haste!

Next up: making something for myself. I haven’t yet…


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