Busy busy

To be honest, I don’t really get on with knitting. I love the look and feel of it but there’s just something about crocheting that really appeals to me; it comes intuitively and it’s not a struggle I suppose. I can improvise on crocheted pieces and I know what I’m doing even though I’ve technically been knitting for longer. I know what to do with my hook to make my pieces work but with knitting I’m still running blind. One day this will change but for now, I’m a slave to crochet.

Bearing that in mind, I dropped my needles and bounced over to the dark side for some instant gratification. Feeling useless has been a lovely theme of my life for the past few weeks and I’ve given myself the challenge to finish anything I start to prove myself wrong. I’m not useless. I can create. Here’s the proof.

It’s nothing spectacular to anyone else perhaps but I’ve never been more proud of something I’ve made. It’s a simple pattern in which you follow the same three rows throughout until you get to the edging and even that’s simple. Those on Ravelry (and if you’re not there, why not?) will know it as Eva’s Shawl and if you haven’t made it, do it now. It’s so easy and brings out the best in a yarn. This yarn is called Reflections by Creative Yarns (click here to see a shade card of their gorgeous yarns) and I’ve had my eye on it since Christmas. Unfortunately by the time payday came around they’d sold out and my local yarn store only just stocked up on it again.

I couldn’t resist.

This is also the first thing I’ve made that I’m actually using all the time. I get home, I take off my shirt (with a vest under it, gutter-brain!) and put my shawl around my shoulders. I bought a beautiful wooden clasp from a nearby shop a few months ago and it’s finally getting some use.

I also decided to finally use some of my Malabrigo Silky Merino. I’ve used bits of it for little projects and for the rest of it I made this gorgeous little coin purse. I’m going to use it for something fabulous – once I can think what! I have to use it, it’s the colour ‘Archangel’ and I adore it. Of course Nari would buy me that shade, she is angel obsessed. I can’t resist loving it too.

The shell stitch is one I’ve never tried before but this pattern inspired me. It’s easy and satisfying.  On top of that, it made me want to try out the stitch for longer so I picked up my Malabrigo Worsted in Ravelry Red and plonked myself down in front of Stephen King’s It which I’ve never seen before. I didn’t use a pattern at all, just made a length of shell stitches and wow, I have never fallen so fast for a yarn as I did Malabrigo’s Worsted. It’s SO PLUSH. I want to hug it. Someone on Ravelry described it as feeling like an avacado, so rich and slightly squishy; I couldn’t agree more. One of the biggest things that makes knitting/crochet appeal to me is the multitude of textures – I’m a very tactile person – so this was close to heaven. 

When I move to Canada in October I’m going to need some seriously warm scarves and hats. This is definitely a good start.

I’ll be making a lot of scarves and cowls and hats over the summer, contrary to logic. Probably a good few shawls too. If you’ve got any good patterns, let me know. And if you know where I can pick up some Malabrigo beyond ebay I’d love to know!

Now please excuse me while I wander around at the end of May smothered in shawls and scarves. Oh yeah, I’m full of logic… this hobby is not intended for the summer!


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