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Inspirational: Real Life Edition

The biggest motivator I have is other people. Sure, my famous idols drive me on but it’s people I encounter every day that push me to be a better person. There are some people I see and I just think yes, I want to be as awesome as they are. Maybe not in the same way but I definitely realise I have something to learn from them.

There are dozens of these people but for the purpose of this post, I’m sticking to the ones that have inspired me towards craft and other creativity.

First up: Sophie

Sophie is easily one of my best friends. She’s smart, funny, interesting and talented; all things I look for in a person! We can talk forever and we share a lot of interests that aren’t so common among the general populace, making it a pleasure to hang out with her. We usually end up in crazy situations together (I’ll never forget the surreal disco in the woods) and I never leave time with her feeling bored. Usually I feel inspired.

She has a blog: Shophie, and you should visit it because it’s full of wondrous photography-type beauties. She does things with cameras and other equipment that I didn’t even think possible.

You know the type of friend who actually changes the way you look at the world? That’s Sophie.

Next up: Jane

I met Jane through Sophie, since Jane is Sophie’s mum. Awesomeness clearly runs in the family. Since Sophie started up the Stitch ‘n’ Bitch and left me and her mum in charge, me and Jane have seen each other every fortnight for a year and I’m really grateful to know her.

Aside from being a genuinely lovely person, she’s also incredibly talented. She worls with glass and makes glass beads that are just gorgeous. I wear one she gave me as a pendant on my necklace a lot lately. The variety and colours and shapes of what she creates just stuns me and shows that this family took far too big a slice of the talent cake!

Jane recently started a blog so you should definitely check it out. I’ve never seen anything like her creations.

Tiffany Scull

I worked for a few months with this fantastic potter. When the place we both worked at went under, she went full time into her pottery. It’s pretty amazing how much focus this woman can put into her art and the business behind it; she inspires me and pushes me on to achieve more.

Her website is under construction but you can see more about her here (which is where the above image came from, by the way).

There are so many more people I meet day in, day out who inspire me in a thousand different ways. I’m a very social person and I draw a lot of my energy from being around other people. This post has been a long time in the making just because I find it difficult to express how much people mean to me and believe me, these people have fully changed me just by existing.

I’m sure there’ll be more posts like this. Everyone has to take their inspiration from somewhere and I’m lucky to have the people around me that are so full of creativity and imagination!


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