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Fun New Things: Part One

Project Attempted

Instant Gratification Scarf (found on Ravelry or at Half-Assed Patterns).


Time taken/ease

Three and a half hours/very easy

Skills learnt

  • Twisted drop stitch

This scarf was pretty fun to make. I bought the yarn because it’s screamed at me to have it and for once I had a specific person/gift/occasion in mind for it which I shall not write here just on the off-chance that they’re reading this. I cast on whilst sitting outside Weymouth Old Town Hall with the yarn still in the skein, wrapped around my neck like a necklace. I can’t stand winding yarn into a ball; it feels better in a skein and takes far too much time when I can just use this method that has yet to fail me. Granted, I have only been doing it for a few weeks but it’s working fine!

Putting an artsy filter on it makes me cool, yo.

After relaxing on the stone steps in front of the heavy oak door for a while, casually knitting clown puke yarn whilst ignoring the bemused gazes of the people walking past, I moved inside and Stitch ‘n’ Bitch happened. While yacking away with the lovely ladies there the scarf flowed out and by the end of it I was done.

This stitch is magical. It’s easy, repetitive and effective.  The finished scarf is gorgeous, the yarn making it soft and cuddly and visually fascinating. The stitch shows off the yarn perfectly. I can’t believe I have to give this beauty away.

That milkshake was pretty sickening.

Next Project: Natalya mitts (direct link to .pdf).

Listing ‘next project’ implies that I haven’t cast on about four new projects in the last few days, of course. I’m in a crazy stage in which I want to knit ALL THE THINGS. Someone send help, my fingers hurt…


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