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Natalya Gloves

Pattern: Natalya Mitts (link to .pdf)

Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in Dark Earth

Progress: 50% done.

I started this as an attempt to try out cables. Turns out I love them! They’re easy – bearing in mind this is a really simple pattern – and with this yarn it is a pleasure to knit. It’s soft, squishy and subtly coloured in a way that’s really enhanced by the pattern. These gloves are going to be so warm and delicious, I can’t wait to get the chance to use them properly.

Of course I finished the first one of these a few days ago and have yet to cast on the second one. I foresee this being a general problem.

It turns out I really like knitting on DPNS.

To be honest, in the skein this yarn didn’t look too amazing. It felt gorgeous as all Malabrigo does (sooo squishy) but the colour all blended into one and I couldn’t see how lovely the colour really was. I adore it now.  I still think the colourway would be too much on a larger project, but I might be proven wrong.

When I got to the end of the wrist and started on the gusset, I enjoyed learning new ways to increase. There’s the lifted increase which is quite classy and the backwards loop increase too. Knitting used to terrify me a little but learning all of these new skills makes me think maybe I can manage bigger projects.

With this sudden burst of excitement at the prospect of developing my skills, I decided to do something entirely insane.


Yeah. This is a fingerless pattern.

It was pretty easy to do. Knitting further on from the fingerless part and binding off at the top. They’re incredibly messy and lumpy, completely uneven and the little finger is too short. There are holes between the fingers which I have to stitch up. Not at all perfect but when it’s on my hand, it looks acceptable.

And I'm so proud of it.

Now to talk myself into casting on the next one.


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