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Five Things I’ve Learnt From Knitting and Crochet

  1. First and foremost: the crafting world is richer and more diverse than I could ever have imagined. From the little old man knitting a pink scarf on the coach to the younger members of our Weymouth Stitch ‘n’ Bitch diligently learning to hold needles, the love of fibre arts spans generations. More importantly, these generations are brought together seamlessly by the love of craft. I’ve made some brilliant new friends through the Stitch ‘n’ Bitch and become closer to some I already had. All thanks to knitting/crochet!
  2. Even simple things are fascinating. Just look at that item of clothing you’re wearing. Chances are it’s either knitted or woven from thread/s, which means you’re basically wrapped in a piece of tangled string. This has entertained me greatly since I started knitting and I recently spent an entire bus journey staring at some guy’s hat working out how it was made.
  3. Fibre is fun. Far from boring me, I could quite easily have a conversation about sheep breeds and their wools. I’m interested in the weirder or rarer fibres such as qiviut or vicuña, though my wallet is not.
  4. Knitting/crochet turns you into a nutter. See above points.

    And apparently I want one of these bad boys. (© Jenny Rollo)
  5. Finally, fibre crafts link you to the past. There’s such a strong tradition of knitting, crochet and other similar arts—tatting and lace and the like—in so many different cultures that you could never learn all of it but it’s there. I can pick up a knitting book from the 1800s and knit the same purse that a young woman a century ago would have worn in her skirts. I can find old patterns and needlework encyclopaedias online. I can learn about Dorset buttons in a way that links me not only to the past, but to my past and my hometown’s past. It’s a tangible link and one of my favourite things about fibre arts and related crafts.
I welcome anything you might have to add!

5 thoughts on “Five Things I’ve Learnt From Knitting and Crochet

  1. “knitting” also like a music, connecting people in the world… While you are learning a new pattern or something about knitting, you also meet with a new people and their creative world or cultures…”

    Thank you dear Polo, I agree with your five things. I really loved your blog; it is not only knitting, it is also a voyage through the thought, like philosophical voyage… with my love, nia


    1. Very true. I love music even more than I love knitting so it’s very appropriate.

      Thank you very much! Your comments have brought me a smile today. I’m glad you got something out of my ramblings. I’m looking forward to exploring your blog when I get the chance too!


  2. Oh, your last point is exactly why I love knitting, spinning, and sewing so much! I spun some yarn at a spindle from the basement of a museum I worked at, and it was so increadible to think of who had sat there before me, creating cloth and clothes for their family… Connected through materials and techniques, and curiosity. It is such a lovely thought!


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