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Halloween Craft – Spider Edition

Spider Soap

by Domestic Anarchy

Not for the faint of heart! For all those arachnophiles out there why not give yourself or your loved ones (or hated ones) a little scare with some Halloween-themed soap? All you need is plastic spiders, glycerine melting soap and a petri dishes. Cheap and easy. If I had the space to try this I would be! Just think of all the possibilities of using other little plastic toys. The mind, it boggles. Such a simple and elegant idea.

Creepy Brownie Spider Bites

by Paula Deen

This time they’re edible. I’d eat a plateful of these suckers if they came near me, let me tell you. It’s a simple recipe and would be perfect for all the halloween parties you can imagine, or just for bringing into school/work around that date. Little Birdie Secrets made some absolutely adorable ones which is where I originally saw them. Lovely!

Spider Web Treat Bag

by The Purl Bee

Halloween isn’t such a huge thing over here in England as it is in the States but I would have loved one of these glow in the dark treat bags to go trick-or-treating with as a kid. Again, such a simple concept and easily made but very effective. What is it about this time of year that brings out the best in crafters?

Creepy Crawly Halloween Bow

by Inspiring Creations

Got any plastic spiders left after the spider soap? Here’s the perfect way to use them and to put a bit of Halloween excitement into your outfit. This little project is going to take you no time at all and it could easily be adapted for any occasion with just a few tweaks, don’t you think?

Hairy Legged Spider Cookies

by Bake at 350

Another simple and delicious edible idea. I enjoy the way this tutorial is written with big easy to understand pictures of all the steps, making it easy as anything for anyone. My favourite thing about these guys though? Their little hairy legs. Adorable (And slightly creepy to the arachnophobes I’m sure).

Halloween Decoration: Twig Wreath

by Woman’s Day

Fancy something a bit more intricate and exciting? How about decorating your front door with a nice Halloween themed wreath with a fancy rubber spider in the middle? It’s much more simple to make than it looks and it’s the perfect look for a Halloween-drenched home.

Glitter Spider Art

by Ameroonie Designs

There is absolutely nothing scary about these glittery multicoloured spiders. In fact, though this is the perfect time of year to make something like this, art so funky would find a permanent place in my room. I can imagine a similar one with much a much more sinister colourscheme too which would really bring out the creep-factor!

Lace & Ric Rac Spiders

at eighteen25

I have been smitten with this design since I saw it. It’s simple (like all ideas that appeal to me) but oddly adorable and there’s no end to the variations you could make. There’s a white one in the post too with bright red eyes that’s the best mix of creepy and adorable. It’s from a guest poster, Crafting Chicks, so I’m gonna be checking out the rest of their stuff soon enough!


6 thoughts on “Halloween Craft – Spider Edition

  1. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog – I’ve never heard of lifeline knitting so I shall go google it right now. I’m loving all your halloween ideas, I shall have to try some of them for my nieces halloween party.


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