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What is a Cro-Hook?

At my last Stitch ‘n’ Bitch meeting with my wonderful ladies I was given a goodbye present by a friend of mine. of course, I’m not actually leaving now until December but she gave it to me anyway and I’m glad she did. She’d picked it up in a charity shop and had thought of me right away which is sweet. Why? Probably because it’s slightly wacky and inexplicable at first sight! It looked a little like this:

...only longer, metallic and bright turquoise in colour.

None of us were particularly sure what it was. I thought it looked like some kind of mutant Tunisian crochet hook and it turned out, upon googling, that I was mostly right. It’s a cro-hook and it produces a lovely double-sided fabric that has the strange effect of looking just a little bit woven. I’ve never used anything like it but of course I had to try it at the earliest opportunity with some scrap acrylic I have since donated to my mother.

This is what I came up with.

Absolutely terrible colours. This filter dulled it. Thankfully.

The main problem I’ve found since getting the cro-hook however was that there isn’t actually much online about them. I suppose they’re not well-known or oft-used, which is a shame because they’re fun. There is this video of how to use one, however, and a few patterns over here. I can’t see it being a very flexible artform but I may be proven wrong. I’m certainly going to spend some time experimenting.

I was very pleased with having such a great new toy and I’ve already started a project on it. Of course I can’t tell you what that project is since it’s going to be a gift!


8 thoughts on “What is a Cro-Hook?

  1. Look up crochet with dee – or find crochet partners. They have all the info on cro-hooking. I used to know lots more about it, but lost most of my interest since losing the use of my left hand to stroke. WHAT? I still knit as I was able to switch from continental to English style :). When Rav first started there was a group for crochet partners, so you may want to check there. Ive no idea if that groups still active as I’ve been hanging strictly with the tw’easels on LSG.


  2. Yup, just a mutant form of tunisian crochet hook.

    I don’t particularly like most of the 2-ended hook specific stitches,. But the hooks are indeed handy for doing traditional tunisian in the round (with the return pass getting pulled behind the forward pass, using the 2nd hook).

    You can also play cool tricks with making the return chains a different color, like:


    1. Oh wow, brilliant! Thank you for that. I want to try a proper tunisian hook but haven’t had the chance yet and I haven’t worked out how to use the cro-hook in the round but I’ll get there! Just as soon as I can stop knitting socks…


  3. Also look under “Crochet on the Double” and “Double-ended Crochet”. Crochet hook makers had different names for the hooks when they first came out, so patterns can be found under each name. While Cro-Hook has stuck, there are still those who prefer the other names.


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