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30 Days of Knitting (part deux)

6: What is your favorite piece that you’ve knit?

That’s a toss up between two. There’s the fingerless mitts I finished in November which are made from such a beautiful yarn it makes me ache to touch it; I’m especially proud of these since my Dad, a stoic man, said they look ‘professionally made’. To get a compliment from my father is praise indeed. They’re warm and snug and the yarn was a gift from a very dear friend of mine so they’re special to me, flaws and all.

The yarn is much greener than it appears here.

However, there’s another project I’ve used quite a lot since I crocheted it a long while ago… and I’ve just realised it’s crochet, not knit, so it has no place here. Shock horror! In that case, the mitts above are what does it for me. Aren’t they lovely? I don’t have a good picture of both of them together, but trust me, they look good.

7: Your least favorite?

Oh, there’s lots. I don’t tend to get very far in things I’m not pleased with though which is why I haven’t finished as many projects as I perhaps should have after knitting for over a year. I didn’t really start knitting until recently which means most of my projects have been abandoned as soon as my less-than-beginner head realised it wasn’t going to work for whatever reason.

There is my first sock though. It’s not that I don’t like the sock or that I’m not proud of it; I do, and I am. I just cannot stand the yarn. It’s splitty and uncomfortable to use and I don’t like the wide stripes or the colour transitions. It’s not the yarn for me so I never made the second sock.

It did eventually gain a toe.

8: What’s your most challenging project?

Every project I do is challenging to me, generally. I like to try new things and work out new skills. Socks are difficult in the best way and I love knitting them. Cables I find very difficult because I’m rubbish at keeping track of where I am in a pattern and tend to get it very wrong. You should see my sister’s bedsocks; the cables on it are appalling in places but they look good overall and she won’t mind. I’ve only just got the hang of the cables and I’ve nearly finished the cuff.

Of course, this just makes me want to knit more cables.

9: What fiber or yarn do you love working with?

MALABRIGO. OH MALABRIGO, I CANNOT QUIT YOU. My first couple of skeins came from my girlfriend in a lovely parcel of yarny goodness and I fell in love immediately. With the yarn, that is, not the girlfriend – that came much earlier. 😉 No, I love the squishy butteryness of Malabrigo; the way it feels to knit and the way it feels to use in a finished project. My sister is lucky indeed to be getting malabrigo worsted socks for Christmas but it’s a treat for me too to get to use such delicious yarn.

Even if it is hot pink. Shudder.

I have a lot of love for a lot of different yarns on top of Malabrigo though. The texture of a yarn is important to me in whether I enjoy a project or not. I was pleasantly surprised with King Kole Zig Zag yarn but not so impressed with Tosh sock, which shows it’s not the price that woos me. I do adore the colour of the Tosh sock though which makes up for it.

10: Do you have a favorite pattern or designer?

No. I get most of my patterns from Ravelry just from browsing around. I’m cool with paying a couple of quid if it’s something I really want to make, especially since I know it goes straight to the person who designed it and not some big heartless company. There’s something soothing about that, isn’t there?

In general I like patterns that are both easy to read and interesting. I don’t like counting lots and lots, so intuitive patterns I can memorise and mesmerise myself with are ideal.


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