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30 Days of Knitting: (part quatre)

16: Have you ever had a knitting related injury? 

Not exactly, but I’m developing lovely attractive callouses on two of my fingers where I press back the needle. This is especially the case when I knit on skinny little DPNs (double pointed needles) since they are sharp. And I use bamboo 99% of the time! Imagine the soreness should I use metal!

That said, I’m used to this. My fingers are usually beaten up by my guitar or my ukulele or banjo on a regular basis.

17: Have you ever had a project that you loved become ruined? What’s the story behind it?

I’ll have to be boring and say no here. I wouldn’t even like to think about what that will be like because let’s face it, it’s going to happen to me one day. I’ll look up and our future dog will have a sock hanging out of its mouth. A sock I’d previous spent hours knitting.

It may break my soul.

18: Do you knit English or Continental?

I knit however YouTube tells me to.

Shamefully, I’m not even kidding. I don’t know the answer to this question. I knit how I knit. I didn’t know there was a different way.

19: Do you watch movies and/or listen to podcasts while knitting? What are your favorite things to knit to?

*clears throat*

...and Sherlock Holmes.

I watch many other things whilst knitting, but at the moment most of my energies are spent enjoying the company of good old fashioned and slightly slashy detectives ambling through mysteries with their trusty sidekicks. I cannot be ashamed of this.

Today I spent a few hours knitting whilst watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 1. I don’t like the Harry Potter films much due to having loved the books too much as a child (wtf were they on when they cast Hermione!) but I’ve watched all the others from my Dad’s DVDs so I thought I’d kill some time watching this one. First it was so dark I could hardly see who was speaking on the screen; a film designed for cinemas, not TVs. Secondly it was so boring I found my rows and rows of stockinette stitch slightly more exciting. By the end I was pacing the room with knitting in hand, to my dad’s amusement, desperately waiting for it to end.

So I think I’ll stick to pre-1940s crime, thanks. Quaint and lovely. That said, I’m still gonna watch part 2 of Deathly Hallows tomorrow, mostly because I can’t remember who died in the book.

Wow, that had nothing to do with knitting. Onwards!

20: Do you knit in public? Was anyone offended/incredibly happy/curious that you were doing so?

I always knit in public. I wasn’t aware it was something Not Done.

Mostly it’s on public transport since I usually sit and stare out of a window with some lovely music in my lovely ears but having some knitting and/or crochet to do really makes the time fly. I will also knit in cafés and pubs and libraries and, well, wherever I park my bum on a seat long enough to fish my projects out of my bag to be honest. And I always have one in there if I plan to be out of the house for more than an hour.

People wonder how I got good at knitting so fast. This is how, my friends. I knit all the time. I even used to knit at work under the counter when I was employed at a very boring, slow-moving shop.

I think people might be less accommodating if I knitted at work using these monsters.

No one has ever been offended that I’ve been knitting. I’ve had a lot of people, generally elderly women, smile at me on buses though. Oh! And once a woman followed me off a bus to tell me how wonderful she thought it was that I was knitting, and that she’d just started knitting too. She was only a few years older than me. It made me happy.

I love seeing people knit in public so I’m happy to do the same.

I can’t be the only one that does, right? Someone else speak up! You must knit in public with me, people!


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