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Oh, Canada.

I’ve been here a month. I’ve learnt that Tim Horton’s is so popular that a cup-size change is a big deal. I’ve learnt that I really don’t like walking on ice, even in my fancy winter boots, but that walking on snow is fun (especially the fluffy stuff). I’ve learnt that I like some dogs. I’ve learnt that moving countries and continents is even scarier than I imagined, but that the awesomeness of it more than makes up for that.

Most importantly, I’ve learnt that when I set my mind to it I can achieve my dreams. Even if I’m thrown a huge hurdle to jump, like, say, getting a serious and incurable illness a week before I am supposed to leave. It took some serious dedication to get to Canada three months later. My neurologist said it was as much me as my pills that got me better so fast. Granted, it could come back at any time if I’m not careful (see the above ‘incurable’ aspect) but for now it’s done. And I’m here. Sat a little way from Toronto, right by one of the Great Lakes which, I am ashamed to say, I still haven’t seen.

Realising I can achieve this much, other things pale a little in comparison. The big afghan I’m crocheting doesn’t seem such an effort. Socks are paltry little projects.

Lucky, then, that I have had plenty of time and inspiration to knit and crochet lately. Since Christmas finished and I gave out almost all of the presents I intended to give, I’ve been on a roll.

I’ve made:

  • knitted hand-warmers out of purple variegated sock yarn for Nari’s sister
  • a purple knitted ribbed hat out of dark purple acrylic
  • a fluffy blue crocheted flower

And I’m in the middle of making:

  • a big blue crocheted granny-square afghan out of bulky yarn
  • purple knitted socks out of my first Cascade 220 (heather) for my best friend

Once these two projects are completed, I’ll finally get around to finishing the bed-socks I’m making for my little sister which involves finding some pretty buttons. Then I have so many other things I want to make.

Living in a different country seems to have replenished my creative urges. I started work this week so I won’t have quite as much free time but with a bit of a commute in the morning, I’m sure I’ll find time. Once I’ve finished reading Jane Eyre. I have plans to get a whole lot better at knitting and crochet this year and I’ll be taking up spinning soon too, so hopefully Canada will keep on helping me out!


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