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Obsessive Knitting

There’s a few times in every person’s life where she says to herself huh, maybe I’m just a little obsessed. Of course it could just be me, the person who has made various outlandish trips to meet famous sci-fi type people, though at least I stuck to one country for that. I’ve known people who disappear overseas or on cruises to do the very same thing (i.e. my girlfriend, one of the reasons she’s awesome). So I’m thinking the obsessive nature is a pretty common phenomenon.

Some call it passion, some call it being supremely geeky. Some people juggle geese.

 So two years ago if someone said around 35% of my waking thoughts would be about fibre arts and I’d spend hours with a couple of sticks and some string in my hands, I would probably… not have been that shocked. I may have raised my eyebrows in mild surprise that my obsessive nature would go that particular way but that would have been the extent of it. I’m aware of my personality enough to realise I can latch onto pretty much anything, given the chance.

To give you some perspective on that, previous fixations have been on Victorian England (that’s still quite high up there), playing ukulele and guitar (again, still a big one), Alexander the Great, raccoons, paganism, Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and coffee. I don’t mean I was addicted to coffee, I mean I went through a stage of being fascinated with it.

This is not a new thing either. When I was a kid I spent a good few weeks telling everyone I was a Golden Eagle. Well. I squawked at them. Mum was usually standing nearby to explain my very odd behaviour. I still remember her telling me not to try and fly out of the top floor window (we lived in a flat/apartment) and laughing that she thought I’d be that stupid. I did nest on any drain I found in the school playground. And that was before I was considered the weird one; go figure. My friends just joined in. Being eight was awesome.

Flapping my wings and attacking small prey (something I was never particularly adept at, being naturally quite slow) was not a lasting obsession. Some have been. Some last years then taper off. Some go in months. Some nestle themselves tightly into my mind and refuse to go anywhere. Some, like knitting and playing my instruments and writing, become a defining part of my personality. I can tell that happens when I begin building my future dreams around them.

Knitting/crochet/yarn in general has been at that state pretty much since the start.

I don’t know what it is about it. I’ve been thinking about it, you see (hence this entry). Perhaps it’s because I am drawn to colour quite a lot and yarn comes in such fabulous varieties. People at the new knit night I attend here have already pointed out that my nails are generally painted to match my yarn; not a deliberate thing, but not that surprising to me either. Colour is awesome. At college I went through a stage of wearing startlingly bright rainbow clothes 85% of the time. I’ve toned it down a bit but I still own neon yellow underwear and spent much of last summer prancing about in a floor-length ruby-red skirt. Colour makes me happy.

Or perhaps it’s the texture which is equally important to me. Or the fact I can feel that sense of accomplishment when I finish something. Or that I seem to be pretty good at it naturally, though that’s also due to how many hours I put into any obsessions I may have at any one time. Or maybe it’s because the community around fibre-arts, online and in the ‘real’ world, is amazing. The people are fantastic. I’ve never met a knitter, crocheter, cross-stitcher etc that I didn’t like.

Whatever it is, my knitting obsession is here to stay. I doubt any time soon there’ll be a day where I don’t spend a good portion of it thinking about fibre.

At least I’m not alone!


4 thoughts on “Obsessive Knitting

  1. We had a game at school called “Golden Eagle” which we used to play… Stood on the drain
    /raises one eyebrow
    Could I have found the inventor of the game?!


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