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Finishing Things

Since the start of the year I have been finishing things.

I finished the blue granny-square blanket for the apartment. A vast and snuggly expanse of crochet for our new apartment.

I finished a pair of socks made from Tosh Sock in the colourway ‘Fjord’. It really does look like little fjords, the way the yarn plays out its colour.

I finished a small green bracelet with a simple cable design.

I finished a tiny pair of handwarmers whilst watching Supernatural from the rest of the Tosh Sock since I was loath not to use it.

I finished a pair of socks with Cascade 220 yarn (my first time with it!) for a good friend. No pictures because she must see them first.

And it’s not just knitting/crochet that I’ve been finishing. I’ve read books:

More than a book a week since the year started alongside all that knitting. And I’ve loved all of them, since I’ve decided to stop finishing books I don’t like.

I finished a short story about an angel and I’m pleased with it. This may not seem like much but I have been suffering from crippling self doubt/writers’ block for the past two years and have been unhappy with anything I’ve dared to write.

Despite rarely having internet, I finished a few coherent blog posts.

And now I’m finishing this one.


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