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The Importance of Nail Varnish

Honestly I hadn’t noticed before just how predictable I am. I know that colour is important to me and I know that I bask in it. I know it’s one of the main reasons I like the higher-end yarns instead of acrylic; the richness of colour available is beyond compare.

It was first pointed out to me when I joined a knitting group in Whitby, ON a couple of months ago. I sat down, pulled out my socks made of Tosh Sock in a gorgeous greeny-blue colourway, and instantly several fellow knitters pointed out that my nail varnish matched it almost exactly. As did the hoody I was wearing at that time, but that was more coincidental. I assumed the nail varnish thing was incidental too until next time I went along with some green yarn (lovely squishy Cascade 220) and it was noted I was, of course, wearing green nail varnish.

Okay, I thought. I’m clearly crazy.

But then I got thinking about it. My nail varnish does match my knitting more often than not which isn’t hard as I own quite a lot of bottles of it – some of which I unfortunately left in England when I moved to Canada. I like to be cohesive.

Like here, as posted recently. Not deliberate in that case.

It bugs me when my nails don’t match. I tried it the other day; I started knitting my scarf out of bright red cotton with my nails still green and I couldn’t do it. It felt wrong. I didn’t feel like knitting.

I know when a battle is lost.

I traipsed through Zellers to find myself a bottle appropriate to my project. I squatted down in the messy aisles and pondered between two different shades. Considering I didn’t have the yarn with me at the time, I’m a little afraid at how perfectly my nails match my knitting. Seriously. They even shine in exactly the same way.

It’s interesting to know I’m a little obsessive about these things considering I’m not much bothered about the rest of my ensembles matching each other, let alone my knitting.

I can only hope I’m not the only one…


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