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What I Do In My Free Time: A Picture Post

I knit Dalek washcloths and discover that knitting bobbles is a pain in the arse (but worth it).

From the pattern EXFOLIATE!

I make smoothies out of vanilla organic low fat yoghurt, frozen organic blueberries and cherries, plus a big slightly overripe banana. Oh, and cardamom and cinnamon which these days I put in everything, especially milk.

I knit socks for my girlfriend. These were done a while ago and are much prettier in person; unfortunately my camera is shite. It’s Tosh Sock yarn so very soft and comfortable, or so I’m assured. I didn’t use a pattern and successfully did kitchener stitch which made me rather smug.

I continue matching my nail varnish to my knitting projects.

This scarf got frogged since I couldn’t be bothered with the lace any longer – it wasn’t pretty enough to hold my attention. I knitted a different thing with the yarn which I shall be sharing at a later point. I also plan to write up the pattern which is quite simple but I love it.

The nail varnish is called ‘Keep It Real’. Yeah, man. Innit.

Yes I did hunt down the perfect colour to go with this yarn.

Me and my girlfriend buy fish to stop ourselves adopting a cat instead.

Honestly though we’d have got the kitten if he hadn’t been adopted while we were busy watching Hunger Games at the AMC. Which was fabulous by the way.

Saturday I am going to Kniterary (The Little Green House in Whitby) and buying the yarn for my first sweater, plus some more of the cotton above for another project.

Now back to knitting a washcloth decorated with leaves.


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