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I Made a Purchase

On Saturday I headed to The Little Green House in Whitby with a rather fabulous new friend to buy the yarn for my first wearable garment (Coachella, though I’m doing a modified version found on Ravelry). It took a while to pick the yarn of course. I went with Cascade 220 Superwash in a greeny-blue flecked colour. I’m quite pleased with it and apparently I really like Cascade yarns. The last three projects I’ve done have been by them.

Like this one, a scarf made of lovely rich red cotton.

They had a little workshop going on where, for two dollars, you could try out needle felting and jewellery making. We decided to go ahead and try it, resulting in a cute needle-felted bookmark (or potential cat toy) and a pair of earrings. I spent rather too long trying to find the right beads and now I want to do this all the time.

Bad idea. I have enough hobbies already that I struggle to decide what to do when I have a moment not working.

Still, maybe one day I’ll have even more free time and can do it.

I’ll start hoarding any pretty beads I find just in case.

Anyway. At this point it was time to go and pay for my yarn, which was 15% off like everything in the store. Very exciting. I picked out some cotton to make more washcloths with and then looked for circular needles in the size I needed. Alas, there were none.

Except… well, except a set of KnitPro interchangeable needles that were, before discount, around $70. I picked them up. I stared. I wandered back upstairs to see my friend. I gave in and went back downstairs, debit card in hand, and put the cotton back as if that would somehow make a huge difference on the price. Fortunately this paycheque I had a little extra to spare so I don’t feel too badly about it.

From my excitedly blurry photo you may deduce I was definitely not feeling badly about it. Holy crap I am so in love with these needles. One is broken, but Martina from the store is replacing it when she can. This does not deflect from the glory of these needles. Knitting on them is delightful. They’re smooth and slick and pretty. The cords don’t twist like my cheap plastic grey circulars. There’s lots of sizes and lengths and I am SO EXCITED.

So I cast on my Coachella. I’m about 25 rows in now and getting more and more excited the further I go.

These needles? Definitely worth it.


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