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Also, Dinosaurs!

Nari’s sister and brother-in-law went away this weekend so we’re babysitting their pets. I happen to have five days off (yay) so I’ve been chilling out with them all day. It’s quite nice having some company while Nari is at work.

...and Indy!

Of course, having animals around means I have to be a lot more careful with my yarn. Especially now I’m embarking on my first garment project. My Coachella is coming along quite well now I think; this morning I finished the arm holes and rejoined in the round to embark on the most boring part of it. 40 rows of stockinette. Ugh. But it’ll be worth it when it’s done.

As long as it fits me.

Oh, please let it fit me.

(I even swatched and I never do that!)

These needles ROCK. And the yarn isn't too shabby.

One thing I’ve noticed whilst knitting this is that my stitches aren’t all completely even. I’m not too happy about this considering that it’s usually fine when I’m knitting something like a sock, but it’s something I’ll have to work on. Overall it’s going well and I think I’ll be done with it before I go back to work on Wednesday.

At knit night this week I was far too tired to knit my Coachella so instead I started a little moss-stitch coin purse to store my money for Tim Horton’s. Without keeping track I can quickly overspend in there since I work very close to one and their peppermint tea is just what I need after lots of sales.

And now for a random note.

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by dinosaurs. Many children are. I enjoyed reading about creatures that lived so long ago and, I thought at the time, were completely wiped out. Now of course I find out that birds are direct descendants of  dinosaurs and my tiny mind is blown. (I can see it in their eyes though. I don’t know how I didn’t notice before.)

Anyway, this love fuelled me to be obsessed with the idea of going to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto. Living so close to Toronto makes this quite easy and yet it’s taken us months to get around to it. Still, both of us had the day off so we ambled on the Go Train into the centre of Toronto and waited in line for nearly an hour to get in.

Turns out we weren’t the only ones deciding to visit it on Good Friday. Go figure.

After a well-earned hot drink to warm frozen fingers, we headed upstairs. The natural history part was why we were there so we made our way around it and then, all excited, we explored the dinosaur section.

I have nothing more to add on this. I just love dinosaurs.

And now I want to knit this.

Click image for source (Ravelry link).



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