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The Rattus Scarf

The Rattus Scarf

With varying drop stitch rows and a lovely fringe, this scarf is perfect for the spring time.
I advise using the brightest colour you can find in the best cotton you have.

What You’ll Need:

  • Size 5.5mm needles
  • Size 6.5mm (or thereabouts) crochet hook
  • 1-2 skeins Cascade Ultra Pima (or between 220 and 400 yards any DK cotton)
  • Scissors

Stitch Key:
DS = Drop stitch. Wrap yarn once around needle before knitting the stitch.
DDS = Double drop stitch. Wrap yarn twice around the needle before knitting the stitch.

First, cut up your fringe. Cut 40 pieces twice as long as you want them to be (I used my arm to measure). Put them aside.
Cast on 40 stitches (loosely, preferably with the long tail method).

Row 1-3: K 40
Row 4: DS 40
Row 5: K 40, dropping all yarn-overs from the previous row
Row 6-9: K 40
Row 10: DDS 40
Row 11: K 40, dropping all yarn overs from the previous row

Continue until scarf is the length you desire. End with three knitted rows and cast off using a stretchy bind off.

Now for the fringe! These guys are surprisingly easy.

Take four of the strands cut for the fringe. Line them up and fold them in half. This pattern has no right or wrong side so don’t worry about which way up you attach these.

Stick crochet hook into first stitch in the row. Wrap yarn around it where it was folded in half. Wrap around as if crocheting a stitch and pull through. Voila! Fringe!

If you need a video to understand (I usually do), try this one.

Continue along every four stitches until it’s done. Continue on the other side. You can cut twice as much yarn and do it every two stitches if you want.

Pro tip: I didn’t bother sewing in the loose ends like I usually do. I just let them hang down in one of the fringes.

This is my first pattern so let me know if you use it!


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