Yarn Guardians

At last, we have cats.

Nari’s cats arrived a week or two ago, thoroughly traumatised by their flight. They emerged from their travel boxes with wide eyes and crouched backs. I really don’t blame them; sometimes a bad flight does the same to me (and I like flying).

Within a few hours, Sean was fine. Now this cat is the fluffiest, softest kitty ever so I was very happy to have her following me around purring the next morning. She’s adopted the awful chair given to us by our sort-of-landlord when we moved in to the apartment.

Ninja, however, did not take so well to the move. She’s a small black and white cat with the cutest markings on her face. Usually a very cuddly, purring cat, Ninja gave up human companionship to hide herself deep under the quilt covers.

But it’s okay. Ninja spends most of her time above the covers now and seems to be adjusting to her new life in south Ontario. Sure, there are no mountains here. Sure, they’ve suddenly become housebound. So far all that’s meant is waking up to them meowing to get out onto the balcony (not an option with all them squirrels).

It feels good to have animals about the place. My cat back home that I’ve had since I was seven died last week. It’s made easier by hugging other fluffballs.

Still, it means I’m going to have to guard my yarn a lot more astutely!


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