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How to Mix Fandom and Knitting

The thing is… when a new fandom takes over my brain as the Avengers has, I forget everything else for a while. This is the nerd part of my life. I have spent the last few weeks watching Avengers, reading Avengers comics, and browsing Tumblr tags for pretty pictures. There has been little other substance to my life. Once in a while I’ll pick up my knitting but not very enthusiastically.

This will change soon; I have a few projects I need to get done. But for now my mind is on the Avengers.

So how can I mix knitting/crochet, my true passion, with Avengers? It’s something that I’ve been considering. My first thought was amigurumi. I could crochet myself a little Black Widow doll. I could make a tiny Thor with Mjolnir. (Adorable.)

I could, as I’m considering doing, knit myself a Black Widow shawl/scarf/sock. Sock, probably. I have it all planned out but just have to buy the yarn for them. Of course then I’d have to paint my nails red and black to match.

One guess who my favourite character is…

Other people have been considering this too. I found Avengers yarn on Ravelry earlier this evening which is what prompted this post. It’s by Sheepytime Knits and you can find it here. My favourite is the Black Widow which I bet is really surprising to everyone here. I love that the Hulk yarn is so much chunkier than the rest. I’d like to make myself some big ol’ mitts with that.

I don’t have any way to buy yarn online right now but if I did, I’d own these.

How do you mix fandom and knitting?


4 thoughts on “How to Mix Fandom and Knitting

  1. Clearly a lot of people are doing it by knitting that Bigger on the Inside shawl 😉 That’s one popular pattern.


  2. I absolutely ADORE people who mix knitting with other obssessi…er, interests. It really speaks to the creative nature of knitting, despite what people may think or say about knitting just being about “following a pattern.”


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