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It turns out that in the summer I don’t like to knit so much.

I would never have expected that, honestly. Last year I knitted all summer without a pause. Of course, last summer I was in England where there’s only a very slight difference between a hot day and a cold day. Now I live in Ontario where the weather is louder and prouder. It stands tall, spreads wide its arms, and envelopes us in its hot sweaty armpits.

Wrapping wool around your fingers in 38 degree Celsius weather? Not so fun, thank you. Give me an ice tea or die. It’s your choice.

However! It’s finally cooling off a little bit. Of course I write this while sweating slightly but that’s not the point. Even a slight improvement is welcome at this point. Most days are below 30 now and I can breathe when I leave the apartment.

I must admit that the hot weather hasn’t stopped me knitting entirely; it’s merely slowed me down. I am halfway through a crocheted shawl. While my friend Sophie was visiting I knitted her some purple fingerless gloves as a late birthday present.

A few days ago my girlfriend went to the CNE in Toronto and brought back some alpaca yarn for me. It was supposed to be a surprise and for my birthday but she left it on the side and I found it while I was tidying the apartment. It was from B lack Ash Acres, not far from here, and she met the alpacas. In twenty-four hours I had myself a pair of fingerless gloves. And guess what? I didn’t even use a pattern! I just knitted until it looked right and made notes for the second in my moleskine.

Okay, the girlfriend’s up. Time to relinquish the laptop. I’ll be updating more thoroughly when I get the chance, and visiting/commenting on all the blogs I’ve missed.


2 thoughts on “Absent!

  1. Knitting in Ontario during the summers is definitely annoying to say the least! Turn on the air conditioning and do something small, like a sock or a hat. I couldn’t stand to make a sweater in the heat!


    1. We don’t have air con, unfortunately. Landlord said we did when we moved in but it didn’t happen. We put fans all around though so I should sit in front of one of those!


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