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Knitting Keeps Me Sane

When I realise the world is screwing with me again I pick up a sock-in-progress and it fades enough to function.

When I find out I’m stuck in a country I don’t particularly enjoy yet again I pick up a crochet hook and start a sea silk shawl. Off I go to happy land.

It’s the busiest time of year for all knitters and crocheters and I am busy enough to distract myself. Though I allowed myself a few hours for crochet earlier today for my own sanity I am primarily focusing on the hoody for my nephew and the socks for my girlfriend. The yarn here in my hometown is nothing to the yarn back home in Ontario but I will last another nine months with sub-par facilities.

I knit because it keeps me sane. The rhythm soothes me as easily as meditation and I can focus on something other than crushing disappointment.


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