Christmas Knitting: ACCOMPLISHED!

With less than six hours left until Christmas day I finished the last of my gift knitting. Oh yes.

I cannot believe I managed to knit an entire kid’s sweater in less than a week. My elbow hurts and my fingers ache but I did it.

The pattern I used was this one. It’s nice and easy but I didn’t use the colours, just a plain blue with colourful tweed flecks. I can’t wait until I snuggle up into him while he’s wearing it. My nephew Jayden is the cutest little boy I’ve ever said and this is coming from a person who really, really doesn’t like kids. He’ll say he doesn’t like it because he’s three and argumentative but I can’t wait to see it.

Merry Christmas, fellow knitters (and non-knitters!). Join me in feeling the sheer relief in not having to knit like you’re on fast forward. I’m going to do a slow calm crochet shawl with the yarn my sister bought me tomorrow.

I hope you all have a good break from rapid knitting the next few weeks.


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