A Change of Scenery

Sometimes life throws you hard times but if there’s one thing I’m sure of it’s that there is always something good to take from it. There are many things wrong with my life right now, including the most impressive run of bad luck I’ve experienced in a long time (even worse than the whole getting-a-serious-rare-illness-a-week-before-leaving-for-Canada thing). Still, if I’m stuck in England for a year or so, I thought I might as well make the most of it.

First things first; getting somewhere to stay. I really don’t like my hometown. It’s alright to visit and I’m sure it’s wonderful for the people who fit there but I have too many bad memories of the place. When my lovely friend Lucy suggested I come to Newcastle-upon-Tyne and stay in her spare room until I get my own place, I couldn’t resist.

I’m glad I didn’t. Not only is it great seeing Lucy, Newcastle is full of creative folk in a much higher concentration than I have experienced before now. Maybe it’s just the circles I’m moving in but I’ve never been somewhere with so much inspiration to soak up.

As a result I’ve been knitting constantly. It helps that I’m still unemployed and have plenty of time to do so. Since Lucy is letting me stay in her spare room for a little while she has now adopted me as her personal knitting slave. I’ve made her a pair of mittens and a hat so far. It’s been snowing a lot up here so it’s necessary.

We visited The Knit Studio yesterday. It’s awesome. Lots of nice yarn to choose from so Lucy bought 110 pounds worth of Manos del Uruguay (wool clasica) in a luscious tonal green for me to knit into a dress for her. I’ve already started.

It’s going to be Idlewood (link goes to Ravelry) with a few modifications, like a panel of this lace up the back:

Japanese Feather
Click picture to go to the source page. Awesome site.

 And the pockets are going to be in a contrasting colour – Manos del Uruguay again, but this time the silk blend in a paler green. I’m also knitting it a little longer so she can wear it with leggings.

After the dress I’m knitting her a pair of socks and in the meantime I’m crocheting her boyfriend a hat to match hers but in dark blue.

At least I have an outlet for all this creativity!


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