I’m insane.

Lately I have been knitting big things. I’ve knitted a large amount of gorgeous yarn into a lovely dress for my friend Lucy in return for letting me kip at her house for a while as I got settled in Newcastle upon Tyne. It took a few weeks and it was a tad monotonous towards the end but totally worth it for how fabulous Lucy looks wearing it.


I knitting my niece something for her birthday which will not be appearing on here until she is wearing it.

At the moment I’m knitting my sister a jumper. This is the only picture you’re going to get of it until it’s done and on my little sister. She’s one of the best people I know; smart and funny and a brilliant mum to her little son Jayden. It’s her birthday in April and I’m not able to be there because of my new job so I’ll be bringing this jumper with me when I visit just afterwards.



Yes, I did take a picture in my little cubby hole at work from the laptop. It was my lunch break and my camera is broken.

Because I am insane, I have not used a pattern for this. I used Knitting Fool to work out how much to cast on and I’m going from there. I’m knitting at a very loose gauge with silk and merino (with sparkly bits!) and I’m going to do a lace panel down the side.

The yarn was bought from The Knit Studio and was hand-dyed by a local fibre-artist who happened to be there when I purchased it. I’m not a fan of pink but this, I love. I will find out the name of the artist and link in a later post.

Next up I’m going to knit some socks. Smaller but just as many stitches!



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