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Doctor Who Knitting Patterns

For my fellow Whovians out there I thought I’d bridge the gap between the epic finale of season 7 and the 50th Anniversary extravaganza with my favourite Doctor Who patterns. Let’s face it, we’re all going to be flailing like mad things when the next episode airs so we’ll need the appropriate geeky knitted goods to celebrate.

Let’s hope it’s a little cooler in the UK by then before we all develop Dave’s Syndrome.

Dalek Washcloth


Find the pattern here.

This is a simple, easy and quick pattern for those who need to wipe the anticipatory sweat from their brow do the dishes to clean up their fish fingers and custard. This took me maybe a day. It’s the only one of the patterns listed that I’ve actually got around to making, so hop on it. It’s a good way to learn how to do bobbles if you haven’t before.

The Ood Snood


Find the pattern here.

I think my mum might have a heart attack of joy if I made her this. Who wouldn’t want to dress up as one of the loveliest monsters/good guys in the show? Ood are fantastic and sadly scarce these days. Increase their visibility by making your very own snood. Dare you to wear it outside.

Crochet Ood


Find the pattern here (Ravelry download).

For the crocheters among us. Another way to up the Ood population. Make a little army. Give some of them red communication balls and evil eyes. Go crazy.

Giant Tardis Blanket


Find the pattern here (Ravelry download).

Here’s one for the truly dedicated and absolutely bonkers fans amongst us. A full size blanket of the TARDIS. Now, I’m not going to lie, I would pretty much trade anything for this blanket. Even my old pockmarked soul. But I don’t think anything in the world would convince me to put this on the needles. If you have that kind of dedication, I’d love to see the results. I already stalked the hell out of the projects page on Ravelry.

What are your favourite Doctor Who knitting/crochet projects?


5 thoughts on “Doctor Who Knitting Patterns

  1. Nice! I don’t knit, but a friend of mine does – she’s @nudeewe on Twitter, and she sells lovely undyed wool from heritage breeds – and she knitted me a TARDIS Kindle cover 🙂


  2. That blanket is a nightmare to knit, what with the colorways changing even on purl rows. If I hadn’t spent close to $200 on the yarn, I’d gladly throw it all in a corner and forget about it. One of the few projects I wish I never starte.


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