This Is What Suffering Looks Like


Oh right, because my girlfriend is the best thing ever and she turned thirty this year and I’m seeing her in just over a month for the first time in like nine months so want to give her a big Avengers-themed blanket. Right. Got it.

Yes this is acrylic. Don't judge me. I'm skint.
Yes this is acrylic. Don’t judge me. I’m skint.

ALL THE YARN. Tony Stark would be proud of how annoying he is to me right now. (I adore him really. His mask is fiddly to knit, that’s all. Though not as fiddly as Coulson’s tie. Thank you, Black Widow, for being really easy to knit. Okay. Closing these parentheses now, they’re getting excessive.)

I keep getting horribly tangled. I’m still getting used to doing intarsia, though I like it a lot more than fair isle. If you’re new to intarsia I recommend reading all the things on it, since otherwise you will end up simple-dog head-tilting about the big gaps in your work.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Here are some nice simple pictures illustrating how not to feck it up. Or go along to the Purl Bee. I need things explained to me either in very small words or very clear pictures. Youtube, of course, is the best idea.

When I need a break from my acrylic tangled nightmare, I skip on to a shawl I’m making. Now, I’m not actually a big fan of lace knitting. Maybe one day I’ll get a lightbulb moment but as it stands it drives me crazy. Shawls have therefore mostly been out. When I got some lovely green/blue Jitterbug from The Knit Studio though I had to create something that would show it off in one big chunk so I decided to knit an Yvaine, which has the added advantage of being named after a Neil Gaiman character. It’s not lacy. It’s still a shawl.

It's not this green. I don't own a camera right now.
It’s not this green. I don’t own a camera right now.

It’s good mindless knitting to offset the intarsia and it’s much more portable too. Mostly because I don’t drop it in a huff and start swearing with the ferocity of a well-seasoned pirate. That would get me arrested on the bus and I feel my yarn habit would be hampered by jail time.

I don’t know how to end this rambly post.



One thought on “This Is What Suffering Looks Like

  1. I actually quite enjoy intarsia knitting, it’s addictive. But I don’t think I twist the different strands together properly so I’ll check out your links. Good luck with the blanket!


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