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Friday Pattern Collection: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy Logo


Find pattern here.

Emblazon ALL THE THINGS with the Buffy logo. It’s stylish, retro (god I am old) and will catch the eye of all the other geeks out there who started out with their heads and hearts in Sunnydale. Buffy was a gateway drug for so many people. Wear it with pride.

Five By Five

BuffyFiveByFive2_mediumFind the pattern here.

I’m loving this. Faith is my favourite Buffy character by far; she was one of my strongest crushes as a teenager and I still adore Eliza Dushku. Her character was amazing. I kind of want to make a sweater with this on the front.

Stake Through the Heart Scarf

stake-closeup_medium2Find the pattern here.

Looking for something a little more subtle? How about a scarf with nice heart designs and the opportunity to stab that organ with a nice wooden stake (i.e. shawl pin)? I love this. LOVE IT. I WANT IT. Excuse me while I run out and find some red yarn.


3 thoughts on “Friday Pattern Collection: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  1. Hey I love what you do. I wish I could Knit but I only can crochet which sucks because I bought a book about how to knit and bought needles and everything but I just can’t physically do it. I can start it but can’t go on with it. People say knitting is supposed to be easier then crocheting, honestly I think otherwise lol XD I feel really inspired whenever I see your posts. It’s weird but it makes me wanna crochet more lol.


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