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Demon and Self-Striping Yarn

It’s been a bad week.

Last Saturday I was quite happily sitting in the Knit Studio with the usual charming company when I happened to check my email. There was one from my Dad entitled ‘Demon’, which is the name of my gorgeous (and young) black cat. I assumed it would be photos of him since Dad knows how much I miss him and the other cats.

It wasn’t. It was an email saying Dad came home to find Demon paralysed in both his legs. He had an embolism and was put down almost immediately. Dad was too upset to phone me and tell me.

He was four.

Demon's the one on the right with the biggest eyes. The other is Tiger, who is fine.
Demon’s the one on the right with the biggest eyes. The other is Tiger, who is fine.
This photo makes Demon look like he has different coloured eyes. He didn’t.

Of course, this totally threw me. I moved away from my hometown for a multitude of reasons, mostly that it makes me effing crazy. My Dad takes good care of our cats and loves them dearly; they are a huge part of his life and he dotes on them. Most of the time I ask Dad how he is and he promptly tells me how the cats are doing. Except for the male thing, he’s totally a crazy cat lady.

So I’m torn up over Demon dying so young, over Demon dying alone at the vets, and at Dad having to deal with that.

Add in some other stresses and let’s just say I haven’t had the best week in my life.

Someone suggested I buy some yarn to cheer myself up which, let’s face it, is not a suggestion I’m likely to turn down. Fortunately for my bank balance I had left my purse at home with my debit card and only had 10 quid on me; 4 of which I had already spent. I bought a skein of self-striping yarn because it was cheap and because I haven’t tried it before.

Guys, it is MAGICAL.
Guys, it is MAGICAL.

I didn’t realise how much FUN it would be! I went to my friend Lucy’s house for the evening and spent it knitting this. I’m making it without a pattern, just plain stockinette with lots of decreases for my skinny wrists. I’m probably going to write up the pattern later when they’re finished. I adore the muted colours in the yarn and how even though it’s just stockinette it’s still totally exciting.

It has taken my mind off the horrible events last week and though I am still upset, at least I have my knitting to distract me.


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