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I Am Bicraftual

There’s a strange divide in the world of fibre arts. I see it all the time on Ravelry forums and have heard of it in person too.

“Oh, I don’t crochet. I’m a knitter.”

“Knitting isn’t for me, I’ll stick to crochet.”

Why? I get it, hobbies differ and that’s fine. But crochet and knitting are similar enough to be basically the same hobby and I don’t understand the snobbish attitude of some knitters that crochet is inferior or the underdog syndrome some crocheters seem to harvest. They complement each other. At the very least, knitters benefit from knowing how to wield a crochet hook.

English: Photo showing how to pick up a droppe...
English: Photo showing how to pick up a dropped stitch when knitting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ll admit, I have different reasons why I love each of them.

I prefer knitting because…

  • The fabric it creates is better.
  • There are more patterns available.
  • The rows of stitches lined up are beautiful.

I prefer crochet because…

  • Complicated-looking stitches are super easy.
  • It’s much faster.
  • It’s really easy to fix mistakes and fudge it.

Why isn’t there a huge divide between knitting and weaving? Crochet and spinning? Why these two crafts?

I know a few crocheters who are too shy to go to knitting groups. Honestly, I can see why; at least once in one of my previous knitting groups I listened to a diatribe against crocheters before casually holding up my hook. Mostly people don’t care. Knitting groups are named that because it is the dominant yarn-based hobby, but generally any associated crafts are welcome. Don’t let that myth get you down; the woman I met was only joking and apologised straight away.

Personally I am pro-equality when it comes to bicraftuality. Why discriminate? Multi-craftual folk are sexy, don’t deny it. There’s nothing like a spinner who can also weave. Let’s embrace all of the fibre arts.

Yes, even felt artists.


7 thoughts on “I Am Bicraftual

  1. I only like doing crochet because I’m lazy and generally bad at knitting : P I remember someone asking me once if Stich ‘n’ Bitch was restricted to just sewing- narp!


    1. There’s nothing wrong with preferring one or the other. As you know I mostly knit these days. I bet you would be good at knitting if you liked it more! 🙂 Plus… you’re ridiculously talented in everything else, so it balances out. 🙂


    1. Wow, her blog is amazing. I can see why people like to stick to one craft but I also like it when people have a bit of variety. I mostly knit now, but I started out with crochet and still consider myself better at crocheting than at knitting.


  2. I absolutely agree with you, I cannot make a preference between knitting and crocheting! They’re both so adorable ways to make something by your own hands.
    Of course, I did learn to crochet before knit, and sometimes I prefer knitting because the end stitches are more tidy and easier to connect later, but I equally love both.


    1. I learned to knit first, but crochet took over for the best part of a year. I love both too. It’s nice to see other people embrace both. 🙂


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