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Are You A Yarn Snob?

What is a yarn snob?

It’s when a knitter (or crocheter/weaver/etc) has expensive tastes. When the 3-for-£1 offer on acrylic yarn in the pound shop makes a person recoil. Only fancy pants natural-organic-spun-by-angels-crying-with-joy yarn will do.

Confession: I’m really not a yarn snob.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of quality yarn. I knit with sea silk, with baby alpaca, with merino blends. I like locally hand-dyed stuff and get a kick out of meeting the person who made it. I think there’s something wonderful about all the different fibres there are. Having fondled some qiviut, I am in a constant state of lust to own some of my own.

Close-up of ribbing
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But I truly believe acrylic has its place too.

Right now I’m knitting a blanket for my girlfriend’s 30th birthday which, okay, it was totally in July. But I am seeing her in person in a couple of weeks for a holiday – probably the only time I’ll see her while we’re applying for my permanent residency – and it would be nice to give it to her in person. It’s acrylic. Yes, that’s right, I’m giving a blanket made of acrylic to the person I love. There’s no place for yarn snobbery when you need your expendable income for a holiday in Las Vegas, and this blanket is going to be all the colours since it’s based on Avengers. (Yes, there will be pics when it’s done.)

It’s true that the squeaky feel of acrylic is starting to get to me, but I have some delicious dark blue locally hand-dyed 100% silk to knit with when I’m done. Maybe I’m just an occasional snob.

What about you? To you shun acrylic or embrace it?


13 thoughts on “Are You A Yarn Snob?

  1. I’m not fond of acrylic and if I have to use it I always try for a lower percentage blend. But I knitted myself a scarf out of I think it was 50/50? And I just can’t wear it for more than ten minutes. 😦


    1. If you can’t stand the texture, I don’t blame you for avoiding it! I think I became less bothered by it when I realised how many of my clothes I wear are acrylic.


  2. I like to use acrylic when I crochet… It’s weird when I first started knitted I used acrylic but quickly discovered the awesomeness of merino and just can’t see to the point of knitting with acrylic yarns. Especially after discovering knit pick. But I am tying not be be a yarn snob and I rather use acrylic over cotton for projects like blankets and baby items.


    1. I have a lot of fancy delicious merino and I am a total sucker for anything silk blend (or pure silk) yarn ever, but I still feel like there’s a place for acrylic. Why do you crochet with acrylic specifically? Is it because knitted fabric shows off the decent stuff better?


      1. Exactly. But now my views are starting to change because I recently went to a knitting group and there was a women crocheting with a beautiful dk weight ( I think) super wash merino and it was gorgeous… But I know it was for someone super special and appreciative of the craft. I think I tend to knit with animal fibers and nicer yarns because it’s cheaper. Crocheting take a lot of yarn and to waste the good stuff and risk a person ruining it with one wash…. Heartbreaking. Lol


    1. Oh, I wouldn’t want to spin anything but the fanciest fibres! I have a few little bits of roving ready for when I get around to learning to spin, and none of it is acrylic! The limited yarn budget is definitely a factor. 🙂


    1. Yes, but there are no pictures yet – in a couple of months when I give it to my girlfriend there will be. And I may be putting together a pattern for it. 🙂 Thank you for your interest!


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