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Friday Pattern Collective: Hitchhiker’s Guide


Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was one of the first super geeky things my Dad suggested to me. Let’s just say that my Dad is the reason I believe in the geek gene – we have very similar obsessions with very nerdy things (and we both yell at politicians on the TV, but that’s another story). It is very close to my heart because of that.

Here are some glorious patterns I’ve stumbled upon while looking for awesome things.

Babel Fish

From here - Ravelry link
Picture copyright and pattern here – Ravelry link

Fancy being able to understand all known languages? Yeah, I thought so. Just squish one of these little beasts in your ear and you’ll be chatting to penguins in no time. (Um, don’t actually do that though… penguins are mean.)

Hitchhiker Shawl

From here, Ravelry link.
Picture copyright and pattern here, Ravelry link.

This is one of the first shawls I knitted, though I never actually finished it so it really doesn’t count. I think it was the first (set of) patterns I ever downloaded. They’re simple and versatile and great for beginners. The Hitchhiker pattern is the most popular pattern on Ravelry at the moment and the others in the collection are lovely too.

Marvin Knitted Plushie

From here.
From here.

Life? Don’t talk to me about life. How about you cheer up these grumpy little plushie with a good cuddle?

Marvin Crocheted Pattern

From here, Ravelry link.
Picture copyright and pattern here, Ravelry link.

Don’t knit? Still want to make a depressed robot? Here you go then. A crochet alternative.


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