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Knitting Charities

Single jersey back side under microscope
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Recently I have been interested in getting some charity knitting done. The great thing is there’s some really good ones out there; I’m going to share a couple of the more interesting ones. Of course, these are UK based in general as that’s where I’m li^ing right now so if you’re in the UK and want to do some good with your mad knitting skillz, check out these charities.


There’s a small hospital in Berega, Tanzania, that needs baby hats for the newborns. Who can resist? Little tiny hats for little tiny heads; they take no time, hardly any yarn and yet they are immeasurably valuable for the kids and families it helps. They’ve already received nearly 2,000 hats and I plan to up that number as soon as I can!

Get Sirius

There’s a brilliant-looking knitting group supporting the Cypriot Sirius Dog Sanctuary. They’re raising money for pups in need and if there’s one thing I can’t resist it’s a fluffy companion animal in a woollen jumper. They’re selling donated hand-knitted items and have meet-ups in London. They seem pretty new which is excellent; it would be great to help them in the early stages.

I’ll be sharing more charities as I come across them. Knitting is such a lovely hobby but I rarely keep anything I make; I am a process knitter more than anything! If you’re the same, maybe it’s time to start donating to places like these.

If you know any charities like this, I’d love to hear about them.


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