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A Pair of Pairs

It doesn’t take much for the word ‘pair’ to start looking like it shouldn’t be a word.

I haven’t been around much. Honestly? All my energy is used up by the time I get around to opening up WordPress. It’s cool, I’m working on it, and in the meantime here’s a quick post to show what I’ve been knitting lately – or some of it. Mindless stockinette has been my saviour in recent months.


Must Be Love Gloves

These were originally supposed to be for me. You see, I have a problem. I have really tiny wrists. Any handknit gloves I’ve tried so far tend to bunch up uncomfortably around my wrists if I stick to the pattern; the only ones that would fit me are the fully ribbed ones (see below). However, when yarn such as this delicious self-striping stuff that wasn’t really an option.

I made these to fit my proportions perfectly. It fits snug against my wrist and is super comfortable. Of course, I was knitting them in front of my girlfriend and now they’re hers. They’re in the post right now, in fact. It must be love.

I’ll be making these beauties into a pattern for anyone else out there with wrists that have nothing to them.


Girlfriend Mitts

Yeah, yeah. I know there’s a pattern here. What can I say? My girlfriend said her hands were cold and I couldn’t have that. These gloves took me months. It’s not that they were difficult, it’s that I cast off the top of the second one and started a different project using those needs before I realised I hadn’t knitted the thumb on one of them. Pro-tip: check this before using needles for new things. D’oh.

Anyway, they’re done now. They’re made of Cascade Heritage Silk that I bought a while ago and I loved. I’m not keen on how it looks in ribbing, actually, but they’re super soft and lightweight but very warm.

There. A proper blog post completed and my girlfriend will hopefully have slightly less chilly hands. Perfect.


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